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Why is the Netherlands biased against Turkey?

Why is the Netherlands biased against Turkey?
MPs think recent events go against Europe's principles of freedom of speech and democracy

The Netherlands rescinding the flight permit for the foreign minister of Turkey Movlut Chavushoghlu has led to tensions between two countries. This issue became one of the widely talked about political event recently. Azerbaijan did not remain indifferent to the slight made against Turkey. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued a statement condemning the Netherlands. But what made the Netherlands to take such an action that flies in the face of freedom of speech and democracy that are considered to be main principles of Europe? What will be the outcomes of this action? We forwarded these questions to the members of the parliament.  

MP Asim Mollazadeh, chairman of the Democratic Reforms Party of Azerbaijan, told "Kaspi” that Germany and the Netherlands are going to have local elections soon. According to him, those countries want to score some political points by displaying such attitude towards Turkey: "The events that took place in the Netherlands and Germany are very unfortunate.  The said countries did not allow Turkish communities to hold a rally. And this goes against the principles of freedom of speech and democracy in Europe. I think these events are directly related to upcoming elections in Germany and Holland. By trying to use international relations for their domestic purposes, these politicians are harming Europe-Turkey ties”.  

Mollazadeh says France can be an example for these countries for allowing this meeting to take place: "If such a rally was to take place in France, then it would be a message to those countries that France upholds the European values. Even though France is going to have an election too. We hope that future Turkish relations with these countries will develop not based on emotions but in accordance with European democratic principles”.  
Faraj Guliyeb, MP and chairman of National Revival Movement Party, stated that the European countries were being biased toward Turkey. And he think this is a very wrong strategy: "Turkey is their NATO ally, it’s wrong to treat them in such a manner. Even from the point of mutual relations, this treatment of Turkey is not acceptable. You cannot be a part of the same bloc and treat your ally in such way. They are making statements that they want Turkey to be a part of the EU as well. But their actions don’t match their words. They are displaying envy toward Turkey and trying to prevent them from becoming even stronger and interfering with the internal affairs of that country. If a referendum is to take place in Turkey and Ankara officials are visiting the Netherlands and are met with such a treatment, then I think they (Dutch politicians) are interfering with the affairs of Turkish people and going against their will. They are trying to divert the will of Turkish people with such actions”.  

Guliyev claimed that religious factors play a role in the attitudes displayed toward Turkey: "As a Christian country, they are envious of Turkey. Angela Merkel once made a remark that they view the EU as the "Christian club” and there’s no place for Turkey there. She had said it openly”.  

MP thinks normalization of Turkey and Russia relations have contributed to the recent events as well: "It appears, normalization of ties between Turkey and Russia worries them. Turkey is trying to have friendly relations with all of its neighbors. This does not mean that they are entering into a union with Russia and forming a bloc. But it appears, their inability to use Turkey against Russia has agitated them”. 
Guliyev noted that this treatment against Turkey will have a boomerang effect: "This will have a detrimental effect on the member states of the EU and NATO. Because many countries do not want Turkey to be a NATO member and are worried that such a powerful nation is a part of that bloc. This situation will have a negative impact on those countries including the Netherlands. Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan openly asked what would happen if their planes enter Turkey from now on? He was talking about the diplomats, not ordinary citizens. At a time when a solution for the situation in the Middle East is sorely needed, I view this latest slight against Turkey to be a stupid move. But I think Turkey will survive this episode”.  





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