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What manifests arbitrariness in the Armenian Army ?

What manifests arbitrariness in the Armenian Army ?
Both Pashinyan and Armenian Army Generals admit they are unable to change the situation in the army

 Armenian government have been covering up negative cases in the Army for long years. Even during the Sargsyan era rallies held regularly in front of the Presidential Palace by mothers of the soldiers who killed in Karabakh were dispersed by police force. Serious discontent has arisen in the Armenian society after killing of Armenian servicemen in non-combat situation. Even Pashinyan authority had nothing to do with  the deaths and crimes in the army.
Recently, court materials have been released over the criminal case occurred in the military unit in Madagiz village of Aghdara, Azerbaijan's occupied territory in 2018. Interestingly, the court exempted the Armenian officer from criminal responsibility for torturing and abusing the soldiers. In addition,  the Armenian Defense Ministry has issued a statement saying that the officer was right and appropriately punished the soldiers for violating the charter. This fact raises some questions. Why does arbitrariness  soar in Armenian Armed Forces day by day, and why does the government show indifference?
Political analyst Elkhan Shahinoglu, head of Atlas Research Center, told "Kaspi” newspaper that prior to his visit to Karabakh, Pashinyan wrote  a status on social media on  a report drafted during the Sargsyan era: "The report has been publicized nowhere yet. Pointing out the mentioned report, Pashinyan  said that so far Armenia has not been successful in any direction, the state is paralyzed, and the current situation can hardly be changed.  A day later, Armenian PM  arrived in Khankandi and announced his goals for 2050. The two points show that Pashinyan fools the Armenian community. As the day before, he stated that  the situation was paralyzed, so I am unable to boost the reforms," he added. 
"Furthermore, I have recently read confessions of an Armenian Army  General. He also acknowledges  the miserable situation in the army and says they are poweless to do anything with it. To change the Armenian army, there must be structural reforms, food supplies must be improved, military units need to be reconstructed or repaired, and the relations between officers and soldiers should be normalized. Today, none of the mentioned terms exist in the Armenian army. For that reason death cases, conflicts, violence is increasing in the Armenian Army.  That is why there are more deaths, conflicts, and violence. Sometimes this kind of suffer is more than military loss," Elkhan Shahinoghlu said. 
Shahinoglu added that at the moment, Pashinyan is unable to suspend arbitrariness in the army: "Frankly speaking, Pashinyan has no full control over the high ranking military officers and the position of the Karabakh clan are still strong. On the other hand, the army is still linked to Russian centers. Therefore, Pashinyan's reform in the army is insufficient. In general, there is a need for more funds to carry out reforms in the army, while Armenia does not have it. It is not coincidence that Armenians have recently begun to acknowledge the problems. If Azerbaijan tightens pressure on Armenia and Armenians suffer losses , mothers of soldiers will definitely refuse to send their children to the dangerous zone," he told. 
Military expert, reserve lieutenant-colonel Ibrahim Rustamli said that the Armenian army has always been characterized by unlawful acts: "If a war breaks out, such situations will be observed more clearly. As the Armenian army has not yet developed its fundamental base as a military structure. The events occured in the 90s were of more political nature than the military, and for that reason,  the temporary defeat of the Azerbaijani army was associated with more political issues. However, the Azerbaijani army, today, is very strong that comparing it with the Armenian army is out of the question," he said. 

According to Rustamli, there is no any moral tie attaching officers and soldiers of the Armenian army to Karabakh: "That is why the Armenian servicemen from Yerevan have to serve there unwillingly .  For this reason, the Committee of Soldiers' Mothers  issued a statement saying that they do not want their children to serve in Karabakh and protest it. Armenian population’s views on Karabakh are completely different. For that reason there are big differences in views of Armenian people and political elite regarding with Karabakh. In my view, social, political, moral and psychological  reasons stand behind the arbitrariness in the Armenian Army," he said. 



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