What is the aim of those who seek to create artificial tension in society?

What is the aim of those who seek to create artificial tension in society?

26 April 2019, 18:42 309
The Icheri Sheher, known as the "Gala" or simply "Old  City" is the most valuable pearl of Baku, as well as the historical and architectural preserve. In December 2000, at the XXIV session of UNESCO in Kearns, Australia, Icheri Sheher was included in the World Heritage List, along with Shirvanshahs Palace and Maiden Tower. This important step has brought to our world the unique beauty of our ancient and world culture and monuments - the Maiden Tower and the Shirvanshahs Palace Complex.

Recently, information has been spread in social-networking sites about destruction of fortress walls of Icheri Sheher and construction of a restaurant on it. Especially, lawyer Aslan Ismayilov continuously shares videos and photos on his Facebook page and tries to form an opinion on the destruction of the walls of Icheri Sheher.

However Department of Baku’s "Icheri sheher" reserve has made a statement on this issue. Thus,  commenting on the photos recently shared on social networks, The "Icheri sheher" State Historical-Architectural Reserve Department  stated that the photos are "an example of biased steps that contradict the reality”, as stated in the Department’s commentary.

"These photos were taken during the restoration of the walls of the fortress in 2011. The problem was with bad reconstruction work carried out on the fortress walls in 1954, during the Soviet period. Unfortunately, one of the towers of the fortress wall existing before that time was damaged during the reconstruction and had to be built up."

The department notes that the fortress walls were reconstructed in 2011-2012 and large-scale work was carried out in order to restore the destroyed tower. All archival documents were studied, and historians, architects, and engineers developed and prepared a project for restoring the former look of the fortress tower. It is as a result of these works today that you can see the restored tower on Kichik Gala Street," said the statement.

Speaking about the issue, lawyer Sahib Mammadov said "Kaspi” newspaper that cultural and historical monuments, architectural buildings must  be preserved in any case, otherwise public condemnation is normal:"However, sharing the photo taken 10 years ago, in order to create artificial public fuss  is unacceptable: "There are such  issues that the civilized world demonstrates sensitivity towards them. Historical and architectural monuments are one of them. It is true, once upon a time illegal actions were committed in Icheri Sheher. However,  after the creation of the "Icheri sheher" State Historical-Architectural Reserve, all this has been prevented and they work at the maximum level so that any violation hardly occurs." Mammadov said.  

"One of the reasons for artificial  agiotage over the photo spread in social networks is  that the concerned body  on this issue made a statement on the issue behind time.  As I recall, an artificial agiotage was allegedly created over destruction of a monument  in previous years as well.  After a while, Armenian media presented the Azerbaijanis as the people who do not own and preserve its culture and monuments. Recent photos of Icheri Sheher's fortress wall shared on social media, as well as photos of homeless dogs, as if they are currently being killed, serve the purpose as I mentioned above." he added.