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What impact will the Washington meeting have on the Karabakh talks?

What impact will the Washington meeting have on the Karabakh talks?
Political analysts say Pashinyan government can not intervene in provocations on the front line

On the eve of the next Washington  meeting regarding to  settlement of the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict, the Armenians did not give up provocations on frontline. During the meeting of the Azerbaijani and Armenian Foreign Ministers in the US, the Armenian side announced its intention to discuss the results of the previous Paris and Moscow talks. So, what will be the continuance of the negotiations on the resolution of the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict?
Political scientist Natig Miri said in a statement to the "Kaspi” newspaper that  Washington talks should be regarded as continuation of both Paris and Moscow talks: "As there are no specific political outcomes of the Paris and Moscow talks, it is already clear that Washington meeting is going to be fruitless as well,” he added. Furthermore, prior to the  Washington meeting, several serious military provocations were committed on the front line. This fact has shown that Armenia has no serious intentions of making any progress in the negotiations in the United States," Miri said. 
"These provocations were not just diversion  connected with the Armenian government. The provocations on the front line have revealed two issues. Firstly, the Pashinyan government, as a whole, is not able to control the situation in the occupied territories of Azerbaijan. Secondly, the so-called separatist regime controlled by Sargsyan and Kocharyan military junta  have been trying to impair  Pashinyan government through  military provocations. Pashinyan government is unable  to  interfere with the provocations on the front line. This fact itself  demonstrates that fate of Pashinyan government will depend on the events in the occupied territories of Azerbaijan.  Notwithstanding that Armenian society faces great unemployment and demographic disaster, but still keeps taking priority over Karabakh issue,” he added. 
Political scientist Zaur Mammadov deems that Washington meeting of FMs can be considered run-of-the-mill meeting:"The primary  purpose of the OSCE Minsk Group co-chairs is to carry on the peace negotiations  and keep sides from making war. However, Azerbaijani side informed the co-chairs about the events taking place on the front line. In general, the events taking place in the South Caucasus occur in the context of the conflict of interests of geopolitical powers.
 According to him,  this conflict is used by geopolitical powers as pressure on Azerbaijan and Armenia. Separatist Armenians in Karabakh seriously hamper  settlement of the conflict by act of sabotage: "Negotiations, nevertheless,  should continue. Armenian side may  show a different position on the conflict settlement. Up to April 2016, the Armenian side declared that the conflict was over and the "winner" was the Armenians.  However, the April fights  have shown that Azerbaijan can replace peace talks with other methods after Armenian provocations. Our army liberated  large territories within just a few hours. Nowadays Armenians should understand that peace talks can’t go on for ever. In the meantime, Azerbaijan will strike Armenia through other methods," Mammadov added. 
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