Value attached to our cultural treasures and artists

Value attached to our cultural treasures and artists

06 December 2019, 16:16 222


First Vice-President Mehriban Aliyeva's respect for the elder singer is an example for our society
Founder and architect of the modern state of Azerbaijan, great leader Heydar Aliyev, during his political career, paid special attention to the workers of culture and art and provided them with material and moral support. A worthy successor to the political course of the great leader, President Ilham Aliyev continues this tradition and does his utmost to help the cultural life of the country to a higher level. According to the head of state, each nation is known globally with its cultural and national-spiritual treasures – intellectuals, cultural and art figures, writers and poets, and contributes to human civilization. President Ilham Aliyev noted that the development of all societies and countries, both politically and culturally, is linked to the activities of a particular group of people. The First-Vice President, President of the Heydar Aliyev Foundation Mehriban Aliyeva has always paid special attention and respect to our intellectuals, including those who are considered to be the spiritual and inviolable treasures of the people.

Thus, First Vice-President of Azerbaijan Mehriban Aliyeva visited People’s Artist, outstanding mugham performer, composer, and singer Alibaba Mammadov at his house on December 4. People's Artist Alibaba Mammadov warmly welcomed Mehriban Aliyeva. "You have shown great service not only to me but also to all Azerbaijani people,” he said.

First Vice-President Mehriban Aliyeva praised the work of People's Artist Alibaba Mammadov as a cultural heritage of the Azerbaijani people and spoke about the importance of preserving and protecting this heritage. She also conveyed greetings from President Ilham Aliyev and had a sincere conversation with Mammadov. "I remember meeting you for the first time. We started a big project of the Heydar Aliyev Foundation then. You have been a great help, and we have done a great job with your support and involvement over these years. You are one of the outstanding singers of Azerbaijan. You have your own eccentricity, you are a master with a great voice and a favorite of all the people of Azerbaijan. Everybody loves you. You are the carrier of the national and spiritual traditions of Azerbaijan. Therefore, you are a very respected person. As I communicate with you, I learn something new every time. You are a great teacher, you have been teaching at a music college for over 50 years and you have had an invaluable role in raising a new generation of young singers,” said the First Vice-President.

Mehriban Aliyeva wished good health and success in work to Alibaba Mammadov, a prominent representative of our national music culture, People's Artist, skillful singer of mugham and folk songs.

MP Parvin Kerimzade said that First Vice-President Mehriban Aliyeva's visit to Alibaba Mammadov, her sincere conversation with the master singer is an example of the great respect for those who have contributed to the development of culture and art in the country. According to the MP, the humanistic, noble step of Mehriban Aliyeva, who takes on the mission of developing our culture, folk music, and unique mughams, protecting our spiritual wealth, and getting its better recognition in the international arena, is an indication of respect for the artist, literature, art, poetry, and music.

Kerimzade said that the First Vice-President’s visit to a prominent figure in our music culture was warmly welcomed not only by music lovers but also by the public. "First Vice-President Mehriban Aliyeva shows attention and care to the citizens, especially the elderly and children, during her visits to the regions with President Ilham Aliyev. The sincerity of this noble lady and her attitude towards children deprived of parental care and brought up in orphanages is astonishing. Since her appointment as First Vice-President, Mehriban Aliyeva's services to her homeland and her people have grown fivefold. Steps taken by Mehriban Aliyeva to promote education, health, culture, sports, to preserve our national and spiritual values, have always been met with great approval by the people. Today, Mehriban Aliyeva is writing a new page in the history of the Azerbaijani woman's social activity with her unique, humanistic and humanistic character. The activities of the First Vice-President in the development of science, education, culture and sports, her close involvement in the country's construction processes present the image of modern Azerbaijani women to the world,” the MP emphasized.

MP Nasib Mahamaliyev also praised the visit of First Vice-President Mehriban Aliyeva to the house of People's Artist Alibaba Mammadov as the highest moral and embodiment of human qualities. "This is a great example for our society as a whole,” he said. "As always, Mehriban Aliyeva has broken many outdated stereotypes and amazed our people in a positive way. In the seventies of the last century, popular singer Alibaba Mammadov gave concerts and performances in many regions of the country, including the Balakan district. We have always admired him. Not only me but also all Azerbaijani people consider Alibaba Mammadov as our national and cultural treasure. In this regard, Mehriban Aliyeva's visit to Alibaba Mammadov, the favorite of the people, her warm conversation with him, the respect and esteem showed by her for the elder singer, has been a pleasant surprise for every Azerbaijani citizen.”

MP Tahir Rzayev also described the visit of First Vice-President Mehriban Aliyeva to the People's Artist, Alibaba Mammadov as an expression of appreciation for our art. Recalling the great attention and care of the First Vice-President of Azerbaijan to the cultural figures of the country, the MP said that Mehriban Aliyeva's services in this area are irreplaceable and unforgettable. "Thanks to the projects implemented by Mehriban Aliyeva and the Heydar Aliyev Foundation, Azerbaijani mugham, and mugham art entered the second phase of a renaissance. The endless care and attention to our artists is a new page in history. We are proud of it,” he said.