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US Embassy Sponsors “WoWoman in Me” Intensive Leadership and Mentoring Program

US Embassy Sponsors “WoWoman in Me” Intensive Leadership and Mentoring Program
On November 3, 2018, the "WoWoman in Me” program’s 2nd Edition completed its five-week intensive leadership and mentoring program with a closing ceremony.  This program, organized by WoWoman Azerbaijan and supported by the U.S. Embassy in Baku, works to support and enable women to identify career goals and develop resources to build the skills they need to achieve them.  During this project, WoWoman Azerbaijan’s "Women Empowerment Platform” trained fifty women in leadership skills, matching them up with individual mentors to continue work on their professional goals.  Along with 40 girls from Baku, this 2nd Edition of the program had 10 girls from the regions of Azerbaijan.  These girls practiced teamwork, leadership, communication and public speaking skills, explored entrepreneurial mindsets and created their own social projects.
Zara Huseynova, founder of the Wowoman, platform said: "We built the program based on personal experiences from dozens of conferences, events and trainings, including at Harvard, Stanford, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), the University of Massachusetts, and TED conferences.”  The CEO of WoWoman Azerbaijan, Arzu Aghazamanova, added: "This is our most intense program for the participants, as well the most intense one for the team as a project. But the results and the participants’ feedback are the most rewarding."
  WoWoman also continues to strengthen its dialogue with and support for Azerbaijani women through its active "WoWoman Azerbaijan” Facebook group.   WoWoman was founded in Azerbaijan nearly four years ago and grew from a single enthusiast to a group of 50+ dedicated women. These women have organized and managed more than 200 events, trainings, seminars and master classes, and over 40 different programs starting from IT school and entrepreneurship program, and ending with meetings with physiologists and yoga classes. More information about their work can be found here: or join their active Facebook community:




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