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Turkish professor: TANAP is important project to strengthen friendship and fraternity between Turkey and Azerbaijan

Turkish professor: TANAP is important project to strengthen friendship and fraternity between Turkey and Azerbaijan
"TANAP is a very important project that will strengthen historical friendship between Turkey and Azerbaijan".

Report was told by professor Gürkan Kumbaroğlu, President of the Turkish Association for Energy Economics, teacher of the Bosporus University.

"TANAP is a very important project. It is backbone of the 3500-kilometer South Gas Corridor project. "

According to him, TANAP supports Turkey's goal on becoming a center of natural gas distribution: "Turkey has a goal to become a hub on gas exportation. TANAP is considered as first step in this direction".

While commenting on the possibility that in future other gas supplies can join to the Southern Gas Corridor, G. Kumbaroğlu noted that this issue should be welcomed. According to professor, Europe needs this gas. "The European market is a very big. Production in Europe is diminishing. Even Europe's demand for gas remains stable, the need for import is growing. There is a great market in Europe. Delivery of gas from Сaspian sea and other sources and implementation of this transit through Turkey are favorable for the parties ".

Notably, TANAP is a pipeline, which will transport the gas produced by development of second phase of Azerbaijan's 'Shah Deniz' field in the Caspian Sea to Turkey and then to Europe. TANAP, which is the branch of the Southern Gas Corridor project, is being constructed in the territory of Turkey. The pipeline will connect to Trans-Adriatic Pipeline (TAP), designed to transport Azerbaijani gas to Europe via Turkey-Greece border.

On March 17, 2015, groundbreaking ceremony of the TANAP was held in Kars, Turkey with participation of Azerbaijani, Turkish and Georgian Presidents. Initial capacity of the pipeline, which is planned to be put into operation in 2018, will be 16 billion cubic meter per year. About 6 billion cubic meter of this gas will be delivered to Turkey, the remaining -  to Europe. The TANAP pipeline will have two starting points in Turkish provinces Eskişehir and Thrace. The sale of gas in Turkey will be carried out by BOTAS. The total length of the pipeline is 1 850 km. 19 km section of the pipeline will pass through the Sea of Marmara.




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