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Trasological analysis conducted on artifacts found in Azerbaijan

Trasological analysis conducted on artifacts found in Azerbaijan
Fumika Ikeyama, a researcher at the University of Tokyo (Japan) specializing in lithic technology, has conducted a trasological analysis on numerous obsidian tools from the Neolithic Age kept in the Archeological Fund of the Institute of Archeology and Ethnography of the Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences (ANAS), the Institute told Trend.
The research has been conducted for the purpose of studying the techniques employed by ancient humans inhabiting the territory of Azerbaijan in the Neolithic for manufacturing stone tools (incisors and scrapers) and for comparing them with similar techniques used throughout the South Caucasus and Western Asia.
The research is focused on the study of materials found mainly in the sites of ancient human settlements in Goytepe, Hajialamkhanli and Damjili.

Ikeyama was one of the participants in the Azerbaijani-Japanese archeological expedition to Damjili site on the eastern slope of Mount Avey in Azerbaijan’s western Gazakh District.



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