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"To make a comparison between Azerbaijani-Israeli and Iranian-Armenian relations is wrong"

The visit to be paid by President of the Islamic Republic of Iran Hassan Rouhani to Armenia has not welcomed by the public. As Iran, which condemned Azerbaijan for relations with Israel, is distinguished by keeping good relations with occupier Armenia. Moreover, Iran has never condemned Armenia for its aggressive policy conducted against Azerbaijan. Therefore, they should consider about their own attitude before blaming Azerbaijan for anything. Because Iran never hesiatate to give support for murderers of Muslims.

Azerbaijani MP Aydin Mirzezade told in his statement to "Kaspi” that the visit of Iranian Presdient to Iran is regrettable. As Iran always speaks of Muslim solidarity, an ancient history of Azerbaijani-Armenian relations, joint culture, religion. Whereas Iran has been continuing to maintain close relations with Armenia, that occupied Azerbaijani lands: "If they maintained Azerbaijan’s rights at high level and closed borders with Armenia like Turkey, Armenia would be forced to withdraw from Azerbaijani lands. But  Iran has established comprehensive relations with Armenia. Despite of Iran’s position in Armenian issue, Azerbaijan has not joined sanctions imposed against Iran, on the contrary,  condemned pressures put on Iran. Iran’s close relation with occupiers is not understandable at all, in our country. Azerbaijan never interferes internal affairs of Iran. I deem, Rouhani’s visit to Armenia is not supposed to provide interests of Iran. As Armenia is not interesting and important for any country in terms of economy, policy. However, Iran’s close relations with Armenia helps the aggressor, to stand on its feet.

Member of Parliament Elman Nasirov said that Azerbaijan always follows the priciples of international law on non-interference in the internal affairs of states. President of Iran is free on visiting any country and it is internal affairs of Iran. But there is a delicate point exactly in this issue that is impossible to overlook. The above-mentioned visit of Iranian President is not a visit to one of countries from the list. Iranian President is visiting to the country that occupied more than 20 per cent of Azerbaijani lands as a result of this about one million of Azerbaijanis become refugees and IDPsş Besides Armenians destroyed religious monuments and mosques in occupied lands of Azerbaijan. Mosques are used as a stall. These facts distress us.

Consequently, Azerbaijanis rightly ask how President of Iran, our religious brother could visit Armenia. The visit is contrary to the doctrinal beleifs of Khomeyni. At least, Iran could maintain Azerbaijan in accordance with this ideology. Regretfully, we observe completely different attitude. So it is rightly complain.”

Touching upon the visit of Israeli Preime Minister to Azerbaijan, the memebr of the Milli mejlis deems that to make a comparison between Azerbaijani-Israeli and Iranian-Armenian relations is wrong. As, Azerbaijani-Israeli relations don’t directed against the third country: " Iran will be fair in this issue only when Israel has occupied Iran’s lands and a million of Iranians become refugees, so  in that case Iranian side would have right to protest against the visit of Israeli Prime Minister to Azerbaijan and sharp reaction of Iran over this issue would be understandable. We would comprehend them and probably the visit never would be. That is why such copmarision is not true. It is said that Azerbaijan has been continuing militray and technical cooperation with Israel. It must be objective. Iranian leadership know well that Azerbaijan had applied for buying modern missile systems to Iran.  But Iran did not reply positively. Consequently, we had to purchase weapon from other countries like Israel. The only reason of buying munition is that Azerbaijani lands are still under occupation. So to compare the visit of Iranian President to Armenia with the visit of Israeli PM to Azerbaijan is to distort the truth."



Shafa Tapdig






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