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The world has confidence in Azerbaijan

The world has confidence in Azerbaijan
This is how MPs view the fact that Baku has turned into a place where international events are held

Azerbaijan is known not only as a democratic and developed country in the world but also as a place of stability and a reliable partner. At the same time, transforming multiculturalism and tolerance into a lifestyle, Azerbaijan has gained a reputation for being a host country for events with a high level of international significance. That's why every year in our country numerous forums, international conferences are held, even politicians and high ranking military officers choose Azerbaijan as their meeting place. So far, our country has hosted the Eurovision-2012 musical competition, "Baku 2015: First European Games", "Baku-2017: IV Islamic Solidarity Games", international competitions on gymnastics and chess. Formula One Grand Prix was held in Baku recently for the third time.
We should note that, Formula One is a one-man, open-wheeled car racing world championship. These competitions have been held on a regular basis since 1950. Formula 1 drivers are unofficially called pilots, and their cars are called bolidas. Formula 1 races are organized in accordance with the regulations of the International Automobile Federation. Competitions consist of stages held in different countries throughout the year. Each stage is called Grand Prix. Both drivers and teams compete in the races. Pilots fight for the title of world champions and teams compete for the Engineers Cup. At the end of the year, winners are determined and rewarded by pilots and teams based on points collected from all Grand Prix. Formula 1 races are ranked third for their audience after the World Cup and the Olympic Games. For the third time in a row, Azerbaijan has successfully hosted Formula One races with more than half a billion spectators. The Baku stage of the Formula 1 championship is regarded by auto lovers as one of the most exciting Grand Prix. Designed by Germanman Herman Tilke, the 6-kilometer-long city has been selected for trekking rarity. During the race in Baku, the cars moved along the seafront promenade, touring the Icheri Sheher Historical-Architectural Reserve, the oldest part of the city and included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. Thus, television viewers and guests watching the race have the opportunity to see the whole city.

All this is a positive step in the direction of the promotion of our country, the capital of our capital Baku, along with interesting moments of sport. A member of the Youth and Sports Committee of the Azerbaijani Parliament and president of the Azerbaijani Kickboxing Federation Adil Aliyev told "Kaspi" that the holding of any international event in the capital, Baku, demonstrates the confidence of the organizers of this event to the country, and attitude towards Azerbaijan. According to the MP, the high prestige of our country in the international arena also contributes to the selection of Baku as the venue for such events: "Socio-political stability in Azerbaijan, security, nation-government unity, protection of democratic values, respect for all religions, cultures, tolerance and others attracts the attention of the international community. In this case, there is usually no objection to any event of international importance in our country. On the contrary, organizers of this event trust Azerbaijan. Holding international events at the highest level in Azerbaijan has increased this confidence. The Formula 1 races in Baku, which was held in Baku for several days, are of this nature. I do not doubt that these competitions have been exciting to the fans. Formula 1 Azerbaijan Grand Prix played an important role in improving the international image of our country. On the other hand, organizing international events at a high level has brought Azerbaijan to this field. Which was also used by Azerbaijani experts in organizing issues at the Asian Games in Ashgabat last year".

Nagif Hamzayev, another member of the Youth and Sports Committee of the Milli Majlis and chairman of the Ganja City Organization of the New Azerbaijan Party (NAP), thinks that Azerbaijan is known as the venue for international sports competitions. He told our newspaper that the holding of European, world championships, international tournaments and events in Azerbaijan is yet another confirmation that our country's becoming a political, economic and cultural center of the region: "On April 27, Azerbaijan hosted Formula One Grand Prix  the third time. 2018 Formula 1 Grand Prix in Azerbaijan was a great opportunity to introduce our country to the world. The attention of the world's leading sports channels, information portals was on Baku during those days. The World Media has released a series of detailed interviews and articles about the 2018 Formula 1 Grand Prix in Azerbaijan. Along with the races, the culture of our country was once again presented to the world, and the international community was provided with sufficient information about Azerbaijan. Ancestors said that "it is better to see one than to hear the face." To see the Formula One Grand Prix, many guests from abroad came to our country. They once again witnessed the development of Azerbaijan, its potential, the place of stability, peace and tranquility. "

Hamzoyev noted that when choosing a place for holding international events, usually confidence in expressed in countries, where stability, security, peace and security are guaranteed. According to him, the selection of Baku to hold prestigious international competitions has once again proved that our country is rapidly developing and the world has confidence in Azerbaijan: "The basis of this confidence is that the President has promoted our independent country as a strong, independent and modern country. Worldwide influence of our independent republic gained decisive success in economic, political, legal, cultural, sports and other spheres as a result of thoughtful policy of the President of the country grows day by day ".

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