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The project that will regulate the competitive market

The project that will regulate the competitive market
Experts deem that there is a great need for the legislative framework in this field

Due to increasing accessibility of business environment and further improving position of our country in international ratings a new draft of the Competition Code has been prepared within the framework of the measures in Azerbaijan. 

Member of the Parliamentary Committee on economic policy, industry and entrepreneurship Aydin Huseynov told that the project will have a sifnificant effect on competitiveness in  our country: "Our country's economy is based on the liberal market economy. Generally,  one of significant principles of liberal market is free competitive environment. Market economy is based on  free market competition and competitive ability. As we know, country’s  economy has stepped into a new stage. Growth of n on-oil sector branches and success got in this field is welcome.  Growth of non-oil sector  was one of main priorities. Doubtlessly, these developments  will maintain to  increase of competitiveness of commodities which will be resulted in  significant economic development. It is expected to achieve positive outcomes. As I noted, one of the main principles of the market economy is a free competition and it should be regulated by laws and regulations. Moreover it means falling unemployment." said member of Milli Mejlis. 

Economist Vugar Bayramov told that there was a serious need for such a project to be prepared and adopted: "Preparing and adopting new project of Competition Code was a very significant issue. One of the activities to be implemented in the Strategic Roadmap is the adoption of the Competition Code. As it should be taken into account that Azerbaijan has entered the post-oil era and main targets of this period is to keep competitive environment in domestic market, maintain development of enterprenurship as well. Since 2014, after starting post oil period, we have been observing  state’s careagro-industry care and entrepreneurship promotion. It is observed in regions too. However, Competition Code needs to be adopted.  the code is important in determining the ways in which competition is shaped and protected. It is difficult to commet anything about the old project was not available to the public. However, it must be taken into account that at the time of preparation of the Competition Code, the economic development was different, but at the same time economic conditions in both the world and the region were different as well. Targets and state incomes have changed. From this point, it was necessary to prepare the Competition Code."added Byaramov. 




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