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The policy of occupation has isolated Armenia in the region

The policy of occupation has isolated Armenia in the region
According to political scientists, this country’s collapse will be extremely real

The sixth meeting of the foreign ministers of Azerbaijan, Turkey and Georgia took place in Baku in the recent days. As it was reported,  the issues identified in the previous meetings were discussed during this meeting of ministers. As part of the conference, "Trilateral cooperation agreement in 2017-2019” was signed. In the end, a "Baku Statement” was adopted that covered political, economic and other matters relating to Azerbaijan, Turkey and Georgia. 

As we see, the trilateral format implemented by Azerbaijan, Turkey and Georgia has already resulted in the realization of several big projects in the South Caucasus region. These projects meet the economic and political development of all three participant countries . 

Armenia, another country in the region, has lost hundreds of millions of dollars from regional projects as a result of the occupation policy.
MP Elman Nasirov, a member of the Azerbaijani parliament, told "Kaspi" that the format of bilateral relations are among the priorities of the foreign policy course determined by President Ilham Aliyev: "So, when bilateral relations are at a high level, unique opportunities for the establishment and development of multilateral, including trilateral relations emerges. Thanks to this, the high level of relations between Azerbaijan and Turkey, as well as Georgia, has resulted in the development of relations in the trilateral format between these three countries. At the same time, Azerbaijan has trilateral format with Turkey and Iran, as well as Turkey and Turkmenistan. From this point of view, Azerbaijan-Turkey-Georgia trilateral format has a dynamic development pace at present. There is a special cooperation among these states in the implementation of very important energy and transport projects. In this regard, Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan, Baku-Tbilisi-Erzurum oil and gas pipelines are already operational, and finally, the Baku-Tbilisi-Kars railway line will be put into operation this year. All this shows that the relations in the trilateral format are developing very rapidly ".

Nasirov noted that the sixth meeting of the foreign ministers of the three countries was held, where the program on further development of relations was adopted: "At the same time, an agreement was reached to hold a summit of the presidents of Azerbaijan, Georgia and Turkey within the trilateral format. Naturally, Azerbaijan's international position is strengthening, and our achievements in bilateral, multilateral, and trilateral formats are increasing. This, in turn, leads to the deepening of the isolated state of Armenia. The situation is aggravated by the blockade as a resul of the occupation policy pursued by Armenia. And this has lead to a situation where Armenia is left out of all regional and international projects initiated by Azerbaijan. Thus, Azerbaijan is strengthening in the region, and the isolation of Armenia is deepening. In my opinion, Armenia's current political leadership, assuming they have any, should seriously consider that if this continues, the collapse of the country will be extremely real. British experts note that the main problem of Armenia is not the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict, but the number one problem is the country losing its sovereignty and independence". 

Head of Atlas Research Center, political scientist Elkhan Shahinoglu said Azerbaijan cooperates with many countries in a trilateral format: "Armenia does not have any activity similar to those formats. Even Iran, which has close relations with Russia, is not interested in such a format with Armenia. What does Armenia have so that they would implement such formats? As for the trilateral format of Azerbaijan-Turkey-Georgia trilateral format, it is a very useful cooperation and shows that Armenia is alone. A clause in the final declaration states that these countries support the territorial integrity of Azerbaijan and Georgia, as well as includes views on Nagorno-Karabakh. Although Georgia has relations with Armenia, they support Azerbaijan on all other issues. How many projects are there between Azerbaijan and Georgia, our state invests billions of dollars in this country? Has Armenia invested one dollar in Georgia? No, because it does not allow it to materialize. In fact, Armenia has been isolated from all the projects initiated by Azerbaijan. Interestingly, they did not even debate why they had been out of these projects. Of course, they know they were left out of these projects for the occupation and were deprived of all their profits. Without the occupation factor, Armenia could easily have gained Georgia's gains today. "

E. Shahinoglu stressed that Armenia's biggest desire was to take part in this project when selecting a transport route between Russia and Iran: "But Iran and Russia have rejected Armenia, taking into account the additional costs and favored Azerbaijan in this project. The North-South route, which I mentioned, will start operating soon. As we can see, Armenia was deprived of this. I think that Azerbaijan should increase pressure on Armenia through these formats as well as on the frontline. "

Bakhtiyar Mammadli 




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