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The Opposition has no social base or other resources

The Opposition has no social base or other resources
Party leaders link radicals’ concerns regarding the snap election as weakness and lack of electorate

The decision regarding the extraordinary presidential elections in Azerbaijan has created a commotion among some opposition parties. Many of them has declared that this decision was unexpected and some stated that they would be preparing for the elections in summer months. Using this as an excuse, some opposition forces have called for boycotting the elections. But the practice of many foreign countries show that whether the date of the elections are known or not, the political organizations have vast plan of action regarding it. But based on the previous experience in Azerbaijan, we can say that several political parties make preparations during the election year. We do not see that in Azerbaijan. Tahir Karimli, chairman of Unity Party and member of the parliament told "Kaspi” that political organizations are not excluded in many countries in the world: "For example, if a snap election was declared in Turkey, the opposition parties there wouldn’t state that they were not yet ready for elections. They are always ready and have the potential for it too. But the issue is that opposition parties in Azerbaijan do not have that potential. They were simply hoping that a "union of millionaires” would emerge just like the last time or some external force would support and help them so that they would announce their candidacy. If the opposition is not ready for extraordinary elections, then how would these people act if there was a state of emergency in the country? The political parties in Azerbaijan should be ready for any situation. If you did nothing to prepare in the last 5 years, what would you achieve in just a few months? What is the point of boycotting, denouncing the election and saying "I’m not ready”. These people are instructed from abroad and are shaping certain opinions. Because, some outside forces were not ready for it themselves. They were thinking about what they would do in presidential elections and considering whether they should unite the opposition or not. Some political parties are now expressing these ideas under the foreign influence. If they won’t be ready in 2 months, they won’t be ready in 8 months either. Thus their action is condemned. Those political parties and organizations understand that they have already lost the elections”.


Karimli added that the parties who will not participate in the elections will, first and foremost, hurt themselves: "Those parties are already in ruin, their social base fractioning. After they boycott the elections their electorate will wonder what their party want and how they plan to come to power. They have no constructiveness and no real agenda. Thus, these are all excuses. From now on, they will have nothing to say to the people or their own base”.



Chairman of the Citizen Party Mais Safarli stated that the presidential elections are a very important event in democratic states: "Azerbaijan is also a democratic state where government is elected based on fair and free elections. Azerbaijan has made important achievements in this regard. Although, our independence does not have a long history, we have gained experience in the years of independence. The only way to seize power in the democratic countries is through elections. Thus, if a party says they are not ready for elections, it means they have not established themselves as a party. They have no voter base of any other resources. I think they should always be ready for elections. Now these people have had an opportunity they can use to boycott elections. They know very well that they would lose and their chance to win the election is zero”.



Bakhtiyar Mammadli




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