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The guilty will be punished

The guilty will be punished
President Ilham Aliyev: "An action plan should be prepared so that we can protect ourselves from such accidents and their consequences in the future"

Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev has chaired a meeting on the situation in the energy system of the country.  Speaking at the meeting, the head of state noted that serious problems emerged in the energy supply of our country as a result of the accident at the Thermal Power Station in Mingachevir. He noted that a state commission was set up to investigate the issue, and the commission started its work. Several tasks have been set for the Commission. The main task among them is to investigate the issue and find out the cause of the accident. At the same time, the commission should identify the perpetrators, make suggestions on the measures to be taken against them, and prepare a plan of action to prevent such accidents in the future. The power supply was cut off yesterday evening again. As a result of the taken measures, the energy supply was restored in a short time. I must note that I gave a serious assignment to all the state bodies to assist citizens in this situation, so that we can get out of the situation with dignity. I can say that all state agencies have shown great professionalism in the performance of this task, and as a result of their successful activity, this accident was almost eliminated. Though citizens suffered greatly, no serious incidents occurred.
President Ilham Aliyev specially underlined that the accident that has occured twice  must be investigated seriously. the Head of State underlined that the accident that has taken place twice should be investigated very seriously: "In recent years, huge investments have been made in the energy sector of Azerbaijan. Over the last 15 years, dozens of new power stations have been put into operation in Azerbaijan. Over the past 15 years, 2500 megawatt new power stations have been built. Our current energy potential is 6400 megawatts. Its 2,500 megawatts were created over the last 15 years. New power stations have been established in all regions of our country. Hydropower stations were established in Baku, Sumgayit, Shirvan, Astara, Khachmaz, Shaki, Guba, as well as in the regions. The geography of these stations shows that we tried to build new stations in all regions of our country to ensure stability in the energy system. However, as a result of an accident, the entire energy system was almost out of order. This issue creates very serious questions that should be studied very seriously. As a result of this accident, people suffered greatly from the heat, and the economy suffered greatly. It is true that both the first and second times the energy supply was restored within a few hours as a result of operative measures. However, these accidents should not occur, and if they happen, it should not lead to such consequences. No country in the world has been insured from accident. However, the accident must be local. The accident that took place at one station had a great impact on our entire energy system. Therefore, I would like to say that a very serious investigation should be carried out, the perpetrators must be brought to justice, and an action plan should be prepared so that we can protect ourselves from these accidents and their consequences in the future. "     Member of Milli Mejlis Hikmat Babaoghlu shared his views with "Kaspi”  on the statements made by President Ilham Aliyev at the meeting due to the accident ion Mingachevir.   He underlined that no country's energy system was completely insured against unexpected accidents. He noted that, in extreme conditions, this kind of situation is possible. Speaking at the  meeting held on July 4 over the incident taken place  at Thermal Power Station in Mingachevir  the head of state has given important task due to the issue. The incident had disclosed a number of issues: "It was found out that one of the key directions  of  the policy of sustainable energy rehabilitation in Azerbaijan is integration of the energy sector with neighboring countries. An immediate and short-term elimination of outcomes of the accident has once again demonstrated that the integration of energy communication with the neighboring countries in Azerbaijan was a strategic and timely step. The head of state expressed his gratitude to neighboring Russia and Georgia due to the issue. President Ilham Aliyev has created the State Commission  to investigate the causes of the issues. Of course, the president and the society will be informed about the final results." added Babaoghlu.   
H. Babaoglu underlined that for many years a consistent purposeful policy was led to ensure our country’s energy security, and this policy provides stable energy supply in Azerbaijan. In his opinion, the incident  in Mingachevir  can be regarded as  testing of the electric power system of  Azerbaijan: " As a result of the accident   some possible and existing void revealed. The Head of State noted at the meeting that all strategic facilities should be provided with generators and kept  the spotlight on  the protection of the first-class strategic facilities  if such events occur in the future again.  At the same time, energy supply system of our country will be evaluated by external auditors and problems find solution. All of this will undoubtedly serve to improve our energy sector and prevent the likelihood of similar  incidents once more." Azerbaijani Parlamentarian stressed. 
 Azerbaijani MP Elman Mammadov also thinks that those who are responsible for the accident at the Thermal Power Station in Mingachevir will definitely be punished. According to him, an accident can occur in any area, and nobody has been insured from it. "We read news about terrible accidents in the United States, the world's leading state and European countries. But for some reason,  members of opposition try to use the smallest incidents, natural disaster, or traffic accidents for political purposes. Unfortunately, some radicals politicized the accident occured in Mingachevir  and did not hesitate to make political unfounded stataments in the country. The aim of these  groundless statements  is to form uncertainty  in the country.  But they will never succeed, even if they have a dissatisfaction with the state in society. As the security of the Azerbaijani state and its citizens is sufficiently stable and at a high level. Such poor goals will never  be reached. With regard to those who are responsible for the accident, as I pointed out above, as a result of the commission's investigation , such persons will be identified and punished in accordance with the law."  said Elman Mammadov. 
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