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The decision promoting export

The decision  promoting export
According to experts, cancellation of the license request will have positive impact on the development of entrepreneurship

Tobacco products exported to the EU countries  from Azerbaijan, imports, exports and transit  of alcoholic beverages, as well as, quality certification for food products exported to the EU countries will not be required anymore.  

Licenze for tobacco products being exported to the EU during transit and export, while importing alchohol products to the country and quality certificate  will not be required for goods being imported to the European Union countries. The changes were noted in the "Rules of the declaration of goods and vehicles at Customs border”  of the Cabinet of Ministers. 
The changes has come into force since May 12. 
Member of Committee of Milli Mejlis on Economic Policy, Industry and Entrepreneurship , MP Tahir Mirkishili shared his views on this issue with "Kaspi”: "This decision aims to ensure the simplification of export procedures . Growth of non-oil sector, naturally, leads to increase in export. The outcomes of first quarter is an example for it. There is a special order by the president due to  elimination of obstacles in exporting issues. The change will help to increase the volume of exports and faster implementation”.

However economist Reshad Hasanov  deems the issue is very disputable: " As the State Custom Committee is not a good purchaser. It only controls customs issues. Some European Union countries demand a quality certificate during importing process. This step, in its turn, eliminates a need for  additional process in a field that does not relate to the functions of the State Customs Committee. It is , in fact,  does not promise any significant  innovation for local producers. In EU countries, there are special laboratories  and standards of even retail trade networks. Entrepreneurs have to produce  goods according to their standards if they aim to export their products to this country’s market.  As it can be seen, it is quite complicated mechanism and  at the same time it also has got  very strict requirements. In the EU countries, demand on standards, mainly in food sector is very high. We have few products having the ability to compete in these markets. Works are underway in this direction. In my opinion, it will be accomplished  successfully. Probably, an entrepreneur produces product with high quality. But over lack of experience and weak relations and other reasons for it, he has troubles in getting  a certificate. Anyway, there are some drawbacks. In this regard, entrepreneurs have got a certain advantage in customs procedures. One of positive aspects of this issue is that the documents and certificates issued by the relevant agencies are  not be accepted in the European Union so they do not have to get quality certificate and prolong the license’s date." added Hasanov. 

Economist Gadir Ibrahimli deems the decision will be productive: " It is true Azerbaijan exports very few products to the EU countries like some fruit juices and other products. Generally, there are lots of positive aspects of the decision . Thus, in my opinion, the change will have positive effect on exporting of goods. However  if  the competitive environment intensifies,  the decision will have benefit more positive sides. Note that, although the decision on cancellation of  the license helped to solve some drawbacks but  it does not have any effect on  solution of fundamental problems . 
Shabnam Mehdizadeh




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