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The "black list" will have a significant impact on tourism

Azerbaijani Tourism Association will prepare "black list” of tourism industry participants.

Trend reports that head of Azerbaijani Tourism Association Nadir Baghirov, this kind of list was  prepared before too.
They have decided to restore it. The list will cover every tourism participiants –tourism companies, hotels,airlines even unwanted tourists that violated rules:” Changes to the list will only be made by AzTA members.Every proposal will be deeply considered and only after that any change will be made to the list. Such experience is practiced in many countries  and  it is a very effective method to prevent the formation of negative influence of market participants”. 

N.Baghirov gave data on participants of Association too. The Association was founded in 2009 and it has about 100 members.Moreover, tourism companies acting in accordance with tourism legislation and providing tourists’ rights might be member of the Association. 

But how will " black list” effect on this field at a time when the country's tourist flow is at the highest level ? Will it be effective to increase responsibility of tourism companies. 

Advisor to the Chairman of the Azerbaijan Tourism Association Muzaffar Aghakerimov told that the the " black list "issue is still under discussion : " For now it is difficult to tell which companies will be included to the list. These rules have not been set by us. They are requirements set out in accordance with international standards and they have to be followed. Whereas discussions on it is continuing. It should be noted that these  measures are taken for the sake of tourism development. 




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