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Terrorist essence of the radical opposition

Terrorist essence of the radical opposition
According to experts, supporters of Yunis Safarov embrace terrorist worldview

Following the criminal incident in Ganja, radical opposition and their supporters who call themselves ‘democrats’ and who pretend to side with the rule of law started to defend the person who carried out the attack. In particular, the "political prisoners” who are financed from abroad regularly call on the citizens for disobedience. Even though it has been factually proven that the incident that took place in Ganja was a terrorist act following the initial investigation carried out by the law enforcement agencies. Despite this, the perpetrator Yunis Safarov is being presented as a "hero” by the anti-national elements and radical opposition on social media. 
Chairman of National Revival Movement Party and MP Faraj Guliyev told "Kaspi” that the definition of the opposition should be reviewed: " It’s one thing to be in opposition to the government and raise issues, point out the solutions, criticize some economic or social policies and put forward your own propositions. This is what it means to be in opposition. It’s another thing to be opposed to the state. You destroy the pillars of the state, disparage them or damage its reputation. This is what the radical opposition is doing to its state. They have never been radical towards the enemy. They are roosters at home but a chicken abroad. Regardless of who committed the crime and who it was committed against, a state official was shot. The investigation into the incident is still ongoing. But the initial assessment of the situation should be that it was a terrorist attack, an assassination attempt against a state representative. It is an act that aims to weaken the pillars of the state. To not condemn it is wrong”. 
Guliyev added that defending this incident was siding with the terrorist: "It is also siding with an act that is against the state. This is how it should be assessed and this should be openly stated. That’s why, I think, in such situations, these groups and organizations should be punished by a special mechanism by the state, on top of being condemned by the public. We are being very soft towards them. Supporting a terrorist is akin to financing a terrorist, in my opinion. I have always opposed this attitude by the government and stated that we cannot be soft on such issues. These people are ready to damage the state interests in any situation. We know their names and who they are associated with. We know that the entity called "National Council” was established on the act hall of Russian Surgical Institute and was imported to Azerbaijan. Musavat Party and other persons left this entity after becoming aware of that fact.  So, I think a special investigation should be conducted about them and a legal assessment should be made. Public condemnation alone is not enough”. 
Rafail Bejanov, the editor-in-chief of "Cumhuriyyet" newspaper and the functioner of the Azerbaijan Popular Front Party headed by Razi Nurullayev, said that the incident in Ganja was a terrorist act: "Because watching the trajectory of the executive head of a major city is not the job of a simple person, it's the work of a trained person. It has been premeditated. Supporting such a terrorist attack is absolutely unacceptable. Only those who want to threaten stability in the country can support the person who committed this incident. Even separatist Alikram Humbatov creates a committee to protect Yunis Safarov's rights in the Netherlands and declares that everyone can contact them. Those who defend the terrorist in Azerbaijan, who claim to love the state, are people who do not think differently than Alikram Humbatov. These people want to create chaos in the country and to turn Azerbaijan into Syria. But, of course, a large part of the Azerbaijani society, intellectuals, and the public, do not support or they even object to these actions. We believe that supporters of Yunus Safarov are those who embrace terrorism like him. In particular, such ideas of the people close to the National Council are clear. We have always said that the National Council is a project imported from abroad, and today calls for the protection of the rights of Yunis Safarov are the result of orders from outside. We are sorry that such people still exist in our society ".
Bejanov stressed that calls for any action are also made by the forces who planned the terrorist attacks: "The spread of these calls in social networks aims to mislead people. I do not believe that the Azerbaijani people would support such an action. As someone who knows people of Ganja very well, I can say that the people are always behind the state and they can not support the terrorist. Those who make these calls carry out their orders from their master. There are terrorist groups behind them, and they try to sneak into the community by using their lackeys. But our society has repeatedly witnessed such events but has never supported or will not support it. Because it is clear to the society who is behind such calls" .
Bakhtiyar Mammadli




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