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Tale Heydarov: "The team has to be adjusted for the next matches"

Tale Heydarov:


Baku hosted the second leg of the third qualifying round of the Europa League match between "Gabala" and the French "Lille", which ended with the victory of the Azerbaijani club (1: 0). After the match, club president Tale Heydarov answered the questions of
-Please share your opinion about the game ...
-Team has demonstrated an excellent game. To beat the "Lille" was difficult. Of course, it was an exciting day for me and every Azerbaijani. I am very pleased to overcome this stage.
- Did you expect winning determination from the team?
- 1:1 result at the first match was to our advantage. However, the opponent was also set to win, they had intended to fully "give everything" in order to pass the stage. The strongest players has been included in the team. But they failed to overcome "Gabala".
- Are new transfers considered for more successful performance in the next stage?
-As I mentioned earlier, we are eyeing the players - forwards. I hope it will happen in the coming days.
-Can we assume that after beating such a strong team as "Lille", there is no team to refrain for "Gabala" in playoffs?
- No, in no case. It can not be regarded in a such way. Teams advancing to the playoffs, also demonstrated the determination and strength. On the other hand, I would say that at the stage of the playoffs there is no weak opponent. Therefore, the team after the rest should be adjusted for the next matches.




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