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Strategic partnership will be further strengthened

Strategic partnership will be further strengthened
Realization of the Action Plan on the development of the key areas of Russian-Azerbaijani Cooperation untill 2024 is going to strengthen strategic partnership

In addition to political, economic, and military relations between Azerbaijan and Russia, there are also a wide range of cooperation in science, education, literature and art.
President Ilham Aliyev’s visit to Russia on September 1, a joint statement made  with his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin, numerous agreements succeeded with members of government and chairmen of companies will give a new impetus to the further development of relations between the two countries.  The Action Plan signed during the visit on  the development of the  key directions of the Russian-Azerbaijani cooperation is remarkable in this regard. The Action Plan  includes 5 roadmaps. In his statement to the media , Azerbaijani Minister of Economy Shahin Mustafayev told that these road maps  involve mutual trade, transport, establishment of  co-production in the territory of Azerbaijan, mutual  cooperation in the field of digitalization of the budget-tax sector  and humanitarian collaboration. According to the road map, signed between the two countries,  trade and economic cooperation  is expected to held, supply of agricultural products will be increased, mutual trade missions will be implemented. Moreover  purchasing of industrial products manufactured by Azerbaijan will be  multiplied by Russian companies. Azerbaijani  Trade Houses will be launched in Russia. Business dialogues between  business  Councils and other other business associations will be maintained , as well as,  joint regional forums and meetings of Azerbaijani-Russian  Working Group on Agriculture will be organized.   Speaking of the  theme, member of Milli Mejlis on Regional Issues Azer Badamov told "Kaspi” that  documents signed between Azerbaijan and Russia encompass economic, political, humanitarian fields: " Each signed document will yield  benefits to future development of Russian-Azerbaijani relations: " Joint declaration  were signed at the meeting held in Sochi on principal directions of economic cooperation between Azerbaijan and Russia.  Furthermore, Program of cooperation between the Azerbaijani and Russian governments for the period until 2024, agreement between the Ministry of Economic Development of the Russia and Ministry of Economy of Azerbaijan on the development of economic cooperation were signed. As well as,  memorandum between the Russian Government of the Russian Federation and Azerbaijani Government on cooperation in the field of digital transport systems and  protocol on cooperation in the field of combating customs offenses related to the movement of goods by air and other significant documents were signed. All these agreements will stimulate Azerbaijani- Russian relations until  2024 and the sides will fruitfully collaborate  in the above-mentioned directions. Naturally, it, will give an impetus to  the social well-being of the citizens of both countries." said Azer Badamov.    Head of the Economic and Social Development Center, economist Vugar Bayramov  characterized President Ilham Aliyev's official visit to Russia as a new stage in strategic alliance in the Russian-Azerbaijani relations: "The measures  included in the documents signed during the visit, the priorities determined in these activities, as well as,  the steps to strengthen the strategic cooperation encourage us to say that both inter-state and inter-company relations with Russia will develop further." Vugar Bayramov said.   
According to him, these developments are important for economic interests of  the two countries: "As independent states, protecting their national interests Azerbaijan and Russia have signed these documents. The North-South Transport Corridor  is considered as a project that enhances the importance of the region. Realization of the  corridor will allow Russia to transport goods  to India. Moreover, cooperation in the customs and other  fields will contribute to expansion of the strategic alliance of the two countries. Russia is one of the strategic allies of  Azerbaijan in terms of implementation of economic projects in the region. Azerbaijan makes  lots of investments in Russia. Russia is also one of the countries that invest in Azerbaijan's economy. The State Oil Fund  makes investment in the Russian market. Relations between our countries are growing not only at the state level, but also at the level of companies. At the last meeting of the presidents, signing of intergovernmental agreement with SOCAR shows that strategic cooperation is developing in all directions. This visit and signed documents show that Azerbaijan is interested in expanding strategic cooperation with developed European countries and Russia. This cooperation has been realized within the national and economic strategic interests of Azerbaijan." added Bayramov. 
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