Soap bubble-like

Soap bubble-like "union" of radicals

08 November 2019, 14:37 575

A few days ago the radical opposition decided to "unite" for the umpteenth time. The point is that representatives of radical opposition come together under the names of "unity", "bloc", "council", and so on for many years, but after a while, they blame each other for their actions in their political past and their "union” bursts like a soap bubble. This time, the radicals have surpassed themselves and sided with a man whom until recently they called a corrupt person – the one who used to call these radicals fascists until yesterday.

While the whole country is fighting corruption and bribery, it is a manifestation of hopelessness for those speaking about democracy and human rights to join corrupt Ali Insanov. What are the interests behind the "union of fascists and corrupt ones”? How much will this "union" take? There is no doubt that these people will once again accuse each other. But it seems that now, someone wants to "unite" them.

Any political parties should have concrete ideological and political platforms to form a union, Elchin Mirzabeyli, Deputy Chairman of the Whole Azerbaijan Popular Front Party told Kaspi. "That is, these political organizations must either have the same ideological principles or, coincide with their political platforms. People who participate in this so-called "round table” format do not generally have ideological principles. Because they have repeatedly betrayed the national interests of Azerbaijan. At the same time, contrary to the principles announced by them, for example, if they were talking about European democracy, they tried to maintain their existence in Azerbaijani politics, acting in the interests of the polar opposite. In political terms, we have not witnessed the existence of any platforms so far as well,” he said.

Mirzabeyli said that Ali Insanov, whose involvement in corruption has been proven by the facts, and people who accuse each other of the most brutal crimes from time to time, now state that they will act in a unified political position. "There is a tendency that brings all these people together. That is, these people are not doing this on their own. Ali Insanov's personality is one of the clear examples of Azerbaijan in the past. It is absurd that a person, who symbolizes old-fashioned corruption, to somehow take a higher and more democratic position in the political processes in Azerbaijan," he noted.

According to Chairman of the Yurddash party Mais Safarli, public opinion about the idea of ​​a group of radicals coming together is clear. "That is, the society as a whole is very cold-hearted and skeptical about this meeting. Because none of these people has ever fulfilled their promises and they have never taken a step toward development while in power. Almost always, during the elections in the country, the radical opposition makes decision to unite. In short, such unions were always created by the radicals, but they were soon destroyed by themselves,” said the party chairman.

He emphasized that the main reason for the collapse of these formal unions is their rejection of each other and following of their own ambitions. "That is, the radicals who come together as friends, soon turn into enemies and destroy their unions. In short, these antagonistic conflicts between those who represent the radical camp will never end. As long as there are contradictions between the radicals, their unions will also lead fail. In short, this union will not be any different from the previous ones and will soon collapse,” Safarli added.