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SG Stoltenberg: NATO’s door remains open for Georgia

SG Stoltenberg: NATO’s door remains open for Georgia
A day ahead of the NATO Summit in Brussels on July 11-12, Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said "NATO’s door is and remains open”, APA reported citing The Financial.
Speaking at a press conference on July 10, Stoltenberg hailed Georgia’s progress on reforms and on strengthening its defense and security institutions, but noted that he could not give "a specific timeline” for Georgia’s accession into the Alliance.
"The fact that both Montenegro has joined and that we most likely will decide tomorrow to invite the former Yogoslav Republic of Macedonia to start accession talks, shows that NATO’s door is open, and we will continue to support Georgia on its way towards membership,” Jens Stoltenbegr noted.
In his address, Stoltenberg also underscored that on Thursday, the NATO leaders will meet with the Presidents of Georgia and Ukraine, "two of our closest partners” and that together they would address regional challenges, and also "discuss their defense reforms and NATO’s continuing support.”




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