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Second World Robot Olympics underway in Baku (PHOTO)

Second World Robot Olympics underway in Baku (PHOTO)
The second World Robot Olympics is being held at the Baku Sports Palace with the support of Azerbaijan’s Ministry of Youth and Sports and the organization of the Azerbaijan Robotics Engineering Academy and the Youth Education, Training, Vocational and Development Center Public Union.
Speaking at the opening ceremony of the Olympics, Azerbaijan’s Deputy Minister of Youth and Sports Intigam Babayev said that the goal of the Olympics is to increase the interest of young people in robotics and supporting skills in this area.
About 50 teams of the participants aged 8-19 from 20 educational institutions are taking part in the competitions. The competitions are held in four categories. The winners will receive the right to participate in the World Robot Olympics to be held in Thailand Nov. 16-18.
The World Robot Olympics, which is the biggest competition of robotics, has been held annually in different countries on various topics since 2004.
If 12 countries participated in the World Robot Olympics held for the first time in Singapore, now this number exceeds 70.
Azerbaijan was accepted as a full member of the World Robot Olympics at the end of 2017.





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