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Russian historian: People believe Russia occupied Karabakh and will never admit it

Russian historian: People believe Russia occupied Karabakh and will never admit it
Upon the initiative of Russian historian Oleg Kuznetsov, an event was held in Baku May 17 in connection with the Khojaly genocide petition addressed to Russia’s State Duma and Federation Council of the Federal Assembly, APA reported. 
In his speech, Kuznetsov noted that the Armenian community of Russia is not as well-organized as the Azerbaijani community.
"When they have to do something, they get 40 people involved. However, they manage these personnel far more skillfully and they have a precise action plan. As many as 19,000 signatures were collected for the petition. Of them, 12,000 came from Azerbaijan. For a country of nearly 10 million people this figure is low,” he said.
The historian added that petitions usually come from foreign countries.
He also explained the low number of signatures.
"There is distrust among people. They don’t think the State Duma would show an attitude on this matter. People think that Russia occupied Karabakh and will never admit it. If so, what would we need this petition for? Sometimes people are unable to differentiate between signing a petition and approving of something. To sign this petition they need registration via e-mail. People’s access to electronic media resources is limited,” Kuznetsov added.
The historian outlined that most of the signatures came from Lankaran and said that he will go to Ganja and Mingachevir to meet with university students.




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