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Russia warns Armenia about obligations to CSTO

Russia warns Armenia about obligations to CSTO
Meeting of Russian President Vladimir Putin and Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan is planned to be held in the near future, RIA Novosti reported citing Russian FM Sergey Lavrov.
"Another meeting between President Putin and PM Pashinyan is planned to be held in the near future. I think that it will be important for us to hear how the new leader of Armenia assesses the prospects for the improvement of the situation in his country," Lavrov said.
"Of course, we are concerned about Armenia's obligations before Collective Security Treaty Organization. We proceed from the fact that these obligations are in effect and must be fully implemented, including the ones related to strengthening the reputation and prestige of our common organization," he noted.

Previously, Lavrov, commenting on the case on the protests on March 1, 2008, had said that the events in Armenia are contrary to the statements of the country's new leadership about the refusal to pursue political predecessors.
According to him, Moscow has always been interested in Armenia's stability, and therefore what is happening there bothers Russia as well.
Pashinyan, commenting on Lavrov's words, said that his Russian colleagues should adapt to the new situation in Armenia.




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