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Russia doesn’t trust Pashinyan

Russia doesn’t trust Pashinyan
According to political scientists, Moscow considers the new Armenian prime minister a populist politician who’s not serious

The new Prime Minister of Armenia Nikol Pashinyan also attended the event in the Eurasian Union in Sochi recently. As part of the visit, he met with Russian President Vladimir Putin. After this meeting, it is clear from the news that Russia still does not trust Pashinia. Why doesn't Russia have faith in Pashinyan?

MP Elman Nasirov told "Kaspi" that there is a lack of confidence in Armenia's new prime minister, Pashinian:"It is not coincidental that the head of the Liberal Democratic Party of Russia, Zhirinovsky, has repeatedly made statements against Pashinyan. He noted that there is no confidence in Pashinian and that his policy will not bring success to Armenia. This was an unambiguous position. Uncertainty stems from the fact that Pashinyan still wants to conduct himself as a street leader, a hero rather than a prime minister. He still does not realize that he is responsible for the state. If he had understood, he would have been precise in his thoughts and would be responsible. For example, Pashinyan has stated in his speech that Armenia will in no way be pro-Western, pro-Russian, pro-American, pro-Iranian, but that he will conduct policies based on national interest. Armenian experts say that the claim of pursuing a policy in accordance with Armenian interests is understandable, but Pashinyan leads a state with no potential. He mentions the West, Russia, America and Iran in his statement. But what is surprising is that it also names Georgia as well. They are states with great power centers, but it is ridiculous to name Georgia. Therefore, foreign policy is regarded as Pashinyan's "Achilles heel", his main weakness. He does not even understand what he says". 

MP added that before his election as prime minister, Pashinyan would state that his country would withdraw from the Eurasian Union: "At the same time he talked about withdrawal from the Collective Security Treaty Organization. He is now attending the Eurasian Union event in Sochi and also stated there that all relations with Russia would be preserved and further developed. According to the Armenian press, Pashinyan asked Putin to reduce the price of gas sold to Armenia. He also requested that Russia not sell weapons to Azerbaijan. The Armenian press notes that Putin didn't react to this position of Pashinyan and said that Russia has deep cooperation with Azerbaijan. If you pay attention, you will see that this person's views are completely contradictory and disagreeable. That's why they don't treat Pashinyan as a serious politician. Russian political circles are of the opinion that he will not be able to stay in power for a long time with such an attitude". 

Nasirov emphasized that Pashinian's resource was the people: "However, it is also reported that his popularity may wane soon. If the expectations are not met, the people will turn against him and Armenia will once again be in a wave of rallies. This time, they willd demand Pashinyan's resignation, and he will also suffer the fate of Sarksyan. Such ideas are already being voiced about Pashinyan. This shows that the new prime minister is coming off as someone with unprofessional and short-sighted politics".  

Political scientist Miri said that Pashinyan is completely alien to Russia: "So far all the politicians in Armenia have been directly under the control of the Russian intelligence services and have cooperated with them. Pashinyan is an outsider who has no links to this network. In this sense, Russia does not trust Pashinyan and will not do so anytime soon. Russia also understands that Pashinyan simply uses these kind of words to strengthen his government's position in society. However, from strategic point of view, of course, the Pashinyan government's aim is to integrate to the West. Russia is well aware of this. So they are wary about Pashinyan".

Miri aded that the position of Russia will remain the same as long as the Armenian government does not change its position on the issues: "Russia does not intend to completely damage relations with Armenia today. Therefore, relations between the two countries will not change until Pashinyan shows his horns. As soon as Pashinian changed his tune, Russia's attitude towards Yerevan will change. Since Russia is careful, it will try to strengthen its position in Armenia. In particular, I think that Russia will become more active in terms of intelligence. "

Bakhtiyar Mammadli        




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