Responsibility, mutual understanding and respect will save us

Responsibility, mutual understanding and respect will save us

08 July 2020, 19:33 254

If citizens are more responsible and disciplined, it will be possible to control the pandemic

The establishment of modular hospitals is one of the most important steps taken by the Azerbaijani government to combat the coronavirus pandemic from the first days of its spread. According to the relevant instructions of President Ilham Aliyev, the construction of a total of 10 modular hospital complexes has begun in the country. These hospital complexes will create an additional 2,000 beds in the country's health system.

President Ilham Aliyev and first lady Mehriban Aliyeva attended the inauguration of a modular hospital of the Health Center of the Ministry of Emergency Situations for the treatment of coronavirus patients in Khatai district, Baku on July 6, 2020.

After viewing the conditions created at the health center, the head of state gave an interview to Azerbaijan Television, Public Television and Khazar Television.

To control the pandemic

Speaking about the work done to combat coronavirus, President Ilham Aliyev said that the state has taken all necessary steps from the first days of the pandemic to the present. He noted that the main reason for the spread of the virus in return for the work done is the irresponsibility of some people. He stressed that for this reason, the existing laws and regulations on the quarantine regime should be the basis for everyone. According to the President, all the rules are designed to protect the health of people, including those who violate the quarantine regime. Noting that no one is above the law, President Ilham Aliyev said that in some cases it is necessary to take strict measures against violators of the quarantine regime. He said that the police should respond adequately to all violations. "We must protect the health of our people," he said, adding that if people who break the rules are more responsible and disciplined, it will be possible to control the pandemic.

Developed countries suffer the most

Chief doctor of the Tuberculosis Dispensary No. 4, MP Sadagat Valiyeva, said that in the current situation, we must act on the principle of "one for all, all for one", unite around the state and defeat the pandemic. According to the MP, otherwise it could lead to endless processes. "Currently, all countries of the world are going to tighten the fight against the pandemic. Recently, restrictions have been imposed in China, India, Israel, Germany, Spain, Portugal and Bulgaria. Earlier it was said that the coronavirus pandemic does not choose between countries and peoples. In some developed countries with the same population as Azerbaijan, the number of infected is 60-70 thousand, the number of dead is 10,000. Today, about 12 million people worldwide are infected with the COVID-19, and about 540,000 people have died. Imagine that the United States, Brazil, India, Russia, and the United Kingdom account for 6 million infections and 300,000 deaths. These are the countries that were presented to the world as a model with the health care system. But the pandemic has once again proved that even modern health care systems collapse when unprepared. Today, developed countries suffer the most from the pandemic,” she noted.

We must approach the state’s situation management policy with understanding

Valiyeva noted that the situation in Azerbaijan can be considered normal, given the deplorable situation in developed countries. However, she added, this does not mean that the impact of the pandemic in Azerbaijan is weak, or that everything is over. The MP called on everyone to follow the rules. "Unfortunately, in return for all the steps taken by the state, some people act irresponsibly, violate quarantine rules, do not pay attention to personal hygiene and social distance,” she said. "Despite that violators are punished, fines are increased, but people still act irresponsibly. We say over and over again that one coronavirus patient can infect 60 people. It is true that the police are fighting against such cases. Our police officers are also humans. How can we defeat the coronavirus, the enemy of the world, if there is no mutual understanding and respect in a pandemic? Will any money save people? No. Only responsibility, mutual understanding and respect will save our people from the pandemic. We must be responsible and follow the rules of quarantine, respect our police and doctors, and be understanding of the state's policy and measures to manage the situation.”

National cooperation and solidarity

MP Mushfig Jafarov also pointed out that the world is struggling with the COVID-19 pandemic. He said that the disease costs serious losses, even in developed countries. He also noted that the coronavirus is being effectively combated in Azerbaijan. "Despite the measures taken, there are still cases of infection and death in the world. From the first days of the spread of the virus, all public and private hospitals in Azerbaijan have been put on alert, and government agencies have switched to an intensified mode of operation. Medical laboratories meeting the most modern standards have been established in Azerbaijan, other urgent measures have been taken and continue to be taken. In addition, President Ilham Aliyev has taken steps aimed at global solidarity and yielding positive results. Thus, Azerbaijan has established communication and bridges between states and peoples in the context of a global pandemic. This will contribute to the struggle at the international level. However, it is also a reality that in the context of a strong need for civil-state cooperation, citizens, including a number of intellectuals and celebrities, have not been able to take the necessary steps towards national solidarity. However, the possibility of overcoming the pandemic only through national cooperation and solidarity has been repeatedly noted. With its initiatives and practical steps, our state has created conditions for strengthening solidarity in the republic, increasing unity between the state and the people in the current difficult situation, and mobilization in the fight against the pandemic,” said the MP.

Following the rule of law and public order

The MP said that during the pandemic, like other government agencies, law enforcement agencies act on the basis of strategic principles set by the country's leader, following the rule of law and public order. "By the relevant decision of the Cabinet of Ministers, law enforcement officers have been mobilized to comply with the rules governing traffic restrictions during the special quarantine regime and to exercise control throughout the country," he noted. "Each of them has been working in an intensified and intensive mode since March. Sometimes, putting themselves at risk of infection, they work tirelessly to maintain order in the capital and regions, as well as at temporary posts, and to carry out service assignments. Due to this, the situation in the capital and other administrative regions where a special quarantine regime is applied is under full control. Unfortunately, violations of the special quarantine regime are still observed. During the inspections, police officers found people who left their places of residence without permission, tried to cross the checkpoints illegally, did not use personal protective equipment, did not follow the rules announced for catering establishments, and other violations. Those people are being held accountable. All these attempts are to prevent infection. As Mr. President noted, if the rules are followed and discipline is observed, it will be possible to control the pandemic.”

We will overcome the pandemic

Jafarov said that as a result of preventive measures taken, today Azerbaijan is among the countries most effectively fighting the coronavirus. "This policy of our state is praised at the international level. The steps taken in the socio-economic sphere are highly appreciated by the world's leading financial institutions, including the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development. In a letter to President Ilham Aliyev on March 23, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, Director-General of the World Health Organization, praised Azerbaijan's work in combating the pandemic, calling Azerbaijan an exemplary country in this regard. Taking all this into account, I can say that the state has taken comprehensive and effective measures. This process is still ongoing. If each citizen realizes his individual responsibility and follows the rules more, there is no doubt that we will get out of this trouble with the least losses and win the pandemic,” he stressed.