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Regional impact of Turkey-USA tension

Regional impact of Turkey-USA tension
Political scientists think the crisis will be short-term

Serious diplomatic tension have occurred between the USA and Turkey. The reason for the tension is the indefinite suspension of visas issued to Turkish citizens by the US Embassy in Ankara. We should note that, Turkey also stopped visa applications for US citizens following this action by the US embassy


The reason behind the tension is the arrest of a local employee in the US Consulate in Istanbul for alleged links to "FETO". The United States has thus used "diplomatic sanctions" against Ankara. If we look at the timeline of recent events in Turkey, we can see that the tension between Turkey and the United States was expected to reach this point. The demand for the transfer of Fethullah Gulen, the head of the terrorist organization "FETO" to Turkey after the 15 July military coup attempt led to an increase in disagreement between the two countries. The US aid to PKK's Syrian wing - YPG, is also one of the most discussed topics in Turkey today. Moreover, holding a referendum on the independence of the Iraqi Kurdish Autonomy near the Turkish border has indirectly led to an increase in the tension between NATO allies. It's because Turkey has gone to the negotiations with Iraq and Iran for its own security and tried to prevent this referendum. Later, Turkish President Erdogan met with his Russian and Iranian counterparts on the Syrian issue. It should be taken into account that the United States supports sanctions against Russia, and tensions with Iran over its nuclear deal. In this case, speculations about increased tension in US-Turkey relations seems to be confirmed. Will the tension between NATO allies affect the region, especially Azerbaijan?




Aydin Mirzazadeh, a member of parliament and political scientist, told "Kaspi" that the crisis between Turkey and the United States is short-term: "Both countries need each other and many processes can not be solved on the international level without their co-operation. Turkey rightfully supports its sovereignty and national dignity. I do not think that the existing situation between the two countries will affect other countries as well. The crisis will not take too long because the two countries have political, economic, military and business relations. This crisis, of course, will cause the public to question their governments. First, the questions will be directed to the US government because Turkey has responded adequately".


Mirzazadeh stressed that it was difficult to predict how the negotiations between the US and Turkey on the extradition of FETO terrorist organization and its head Fethullah Gulen will end: "It seems that Turkey is right on this issue. It requires the extradition of a person who damages his statehood and stability. This is entirely in line with international law".


Political scientist Fikret Sadikhov stated that the tensions between the US and Turkey were somewhat anticipated: "The relations between the two countries have been strained lately. In particular, this tension was expected after the July 15 coup attempt. Turkey has accused Fethullah Gulen, who he lives directly under US patronage and is not handed over to Turkey of attempting a coup d'etat.


Turkey implements an independent Middle East policy. It is also related to both Iraq and Syria. So, of course, it irritates the Washington DC.


Finally, a representative of the US Consulate in Istanbul was arrested. It seems that the situation between the two countries will become escalate even more. I do not think that the tense situation between the two countries will have a special impact on Azerbaijan. But the other reality is that we are a fraternal country with Turkey, an ally. Of course, given the American-Turkish relations, we must take our diplomatic steps with a degree of professionalism that does not have a negative impact on Azerbaijan. It seems to me that our multi-vector policy gives us sufficient basis for that ".


Sadikhov added that Turkey faces some problems: "Because events in the Middle East could not possibly not have touched the interests of Turkey. Sending troops to Syria is a step taken by Turkey to ensure its own security. Of course, this issue will be difficult, problems will arise. But Turkey has no other choice.

I should also like to point out that Erdogan's meeting with the Iranian and Russian presidents on the Syrian issue is related to Turkey's independent policy. Of course, Turkey does not intend to become friends with Iran but merely agrees with them for the sake of its own interests. Because there are separatist forces in Iraq and Syria.


Moreover, Turkey has been negotiating with NATO to buy modern weapons, but the discussions went on for a long time. Under that circumstance, Turkey has reached an agreement with Russia and has signed an agreement to purchase new weapons. It seems that all these events could not help but irritate the USA ".



Bakhtiyar Mammadli




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