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Reforms targetting the future

Reforms targetting the future
According to experts, the principal purpose of structural changes is to fill the gaps optimally which have been existing for several years but emerged after the social and economic growth.

Starting from the 90s positive changes have taken place in Azerbaijan's leading structures. To ensure dynamic growth in the economic and social spheres, improve the public administration system and formulate a new flexible and purposeful management structure has turned into a necessity  in order to provide dynamic development. In recent days, at the meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers dedicated to the results of socioeconomic development of 2018 and objectives for the future President Ilham Aliyev also emphasized that structural reforms are expected. The decree signed by President of the Republic of Azerbaijan on Jan14 reflects crucial steps in this direction. 
Complex reforms fufilled under the leadership of President Ilham Aliyev over the past 16 years have promoted  Azerbaijan as "the most reformist state in the world" and provided  stable and balanced economic development in the country. The main objective of the reforms carried out by the head of state is to boost flexibility and effectiveness in governance, ensure adequate coordination of new challenges and changes in the economic field.

These structural reforms adjust  governmental management to a new stage of economic growth. It should be noted that the principles of equality, interaction and complementarity between governance and economic development are followed. It is of important that structural reforms serve  to increase effectiveness.
From this point of view, the structural reforms implemented by the state are a good example for both the business and public administration efficiency. 
As a result of the current reforms citizens will be provided with transparent and resource-saving services, which will be more accessible and with high quality. Certainly, the issue of opening new jobs has been taken into conisderation. Relevant agencies, including the State Examination Center, will provide re-employment of employees of abolished  structures.

Member of Azerbaijani Parliament Chingiz Ganizadeh told "Kaspi” newspaper that renovation and improvement  processes are underway in all spheres of society in Azerbaijan: " It makes necessary to get rid of old public adminstration forms and , in turn, pass to a new more effective ones. President Ilham Aliyev said at a meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers on held on Jan 11,  that crucial  structural reforms are expected in public administration bodies in Azerbaijan. The Head of State noted that the work on creation of a more flexible management system will be kicked off . Three  days after the meeting, President Ilham Aliyev signed a decree on additional measures to improve public administration in Azerbaijan. Thus, several  state agencies were abolished or merged into other institutions. The structural reforms in public admisntration by the head of state is demand of time. The Azerbaijani society welcome and maintain the President’s  order." he stressed.
Azerbaijani MP  added that Azerbaijan is a dynamic, successful country and  development here requires a more flexible management: "It is crucial to abolish  the low-efficiency structural institutions to succeed in steady growth. There is no need to have the same bodies copying each others activities.  The President also stressed that it was time to pass to a more flexible and efficient governmental structure." Ganizade said. 

Eldaniz Salimov, member of Milli Mejlis  said  that the above-mentioned decree will maintain to save state budget funds: "Public services will be more accessible. Moreover, the  reforms will give an impetus to enterpreneurship and business development. The structural reforms carried out by the head of state will ensure further improvement of public administration in Azerbaijan. These reforms can not be taken individually: "Sometimes it is said that to date this kind of reforms have not been done and no steps have been taken. However, in fact, it does not reflects the truth. We have witnessed  numerous reforms in government structure." Salimov said. 
Editor-in-chief of "Baku News" newspaper, political analyst Aydin Guliyev said that one of the important features of reforms is to adjust  the present condition of state governance to the level of socio-economic growth: "Those management structures are long-lasting and dynamic, which take appropriate steps without any outside advice. The recent decree on structural reforms by President Ilham Aliyev should be considered in this context. Mr President stated at the meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers that there is a need for reforms in the government structures due to the depreciation. Then the first reform in the management structure was officially stated. It  means President Ilham Aliyev  conducts consistent observations and analyzes on the work of the public administration system and makes timely decisions." he added.
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