Public legal entity may be created  in education field

Public legal entity may be created in education field

09 February 2016, 16:07 688

He said the regulations for secondary and higher education schools are being reviewed.
"Universities and other educational institutions are not non-commercial organizations in any country. Higher educational institutions are offering education, which is vital for society and state, while the non-commercial area is wholly different, with no such responsibility,” Aliyev noted.
Asked "does that mean there will be no free education,” the PA official replied: "No, there will be free education as well. Public legal entities may offer free or paid education and may or may not be funded from the budget. This is quite a swift and elastic form capable of meeting new demands of the government and will open up additional opportunities for the state,” he added.   
Aliyev said that in this regard there may be some amendments to the law.
"Mr President has instructed the Cabinet of Ministers to submit proposals on the current law’s adjustment to the related documents signed by him. Once the drafts are ready, the head of state will, if needed, present them to the parliament,” he said, noting that the drafts rely on the practices of leading Western countries.