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Program of fourth Baku International Tourism Film Festival announced

Program of fourth Baku International Tourism Film Festival announced
On November 15-18, the fourth Baku International Tourism Film Festival (BITFF) will be held under the organization of Ministry of Culture and Tourism.
The aim of the festival is to promote films on various aspects of tourism, to identify the most successful films that promote domestic and international tourism and to promote their authors.
The festival also aims to draw attention to the tourism potential of Azerbaijan as one of the international centers of the historical and cultural heritage.
Admission of films for the festival ended on October 1 and 424 films from 70 countries have been admitted. Only 84 films from 40 countries have been selected for contest.
The competition categories are:
Country, region, city
Culture, tradition
Ecotourism and outdoor tourism
TV Reports
APA information agency and Azerbaijan Public Television and Radio Broadcasting Agency (ITV) are providing the information support for the festival.  




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