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Problems of IDPs are always in the focus of state’s attention

Problems of IDPs are always in the focus of state’s attention
Works fulfilled in this direction will be further strengthened in 2018 as well

President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev has chaired the meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers dedicated to the results of socioeconomic development of 2017 and objectives for the future.

Emphasizing problems of IDPs at the meeting President Ilham Aliyev stressed that the problems of internally displaced persons are always in the focus of our attention: "From this point of view, 2017 was also a remarkable year, as 2,300 families moved to new houses and apartments. Therefore, more than 12,000 IDPs were provided with new houses and apartments. The restoration of the village of Jojug Marjanli is a historic achievement. A beautiful settlement of 150 houses has been given a new life. The IDPs have returned and are still returning to this settlement, and this is a historic and significant event. Using the example of Jojug Marjanli, the Azerbaijani state has once again demonstrated that it will never put up with the fact of occupation of our lands. The Azerbaijani people will never accept this situation, and all our IDPs live with the same dream – the dream of returning to their native lands as soon as possible. The reconstruction of Jojug Marjanli in such a short time shows that we will carry out all repair and restoration work on the territories liberated from occupation in a short time. We will rebuild our cities and villages, and life will return to our cities and villages that are in a difficult situation today.” added the head of state. 

Indeed, the works done  for care to the IDPs by Azerbaijani state has been continued in 2017 as well : "A new settlement for 1,170 families was built in Shikharkh settlement in 2017. This is also a significant event – not only because a large settlement was created for the IDPs but also because Shikharkh settlement was once under occupation. This territory has been cleared and freed from Armenian invaders, and the establishment of a new large settlement there shows again that Nagorno-Karabakh is our ancestral land. This has always been the case, it is the case today and it will be the case tomorrow. The settlement of the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict is possible only within the framework of the territorial integrity of our country. There is no other option.

"Today refugees and internally displaced persons fled their homes live in our country. Azerbaijani state have cared for these refugees and taken measures to solve their problems. As a result of this social welfare of IDPs  have been significantly improved and most of them provided with jobs.” Azerbaijani MP Elman Mammadov made remarks while talking to us on this issue.  

According to Elman Mammado, this issue has always been one of our priorities. The head of state also drew attention to this issue at the meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers: "He, as always, stressed to stay focused on their problems this year too. This is very principal. As refugees and internally displaced persons in Azerbaijan are under state control. Government care for them and take steps to raise their living standards. From the very beginning of his presidency  Ilham Aliyev has been  supervising the issues of elimination of refugee tent camps and construction of new apartments for them. Last year two large settlements were launched  for internally displaced persons. As a result of the work done, refugee camps were completely eliminated and new apartments for internally displaced persons were built." said member of Azerbaijani Parliament. 

Member of "Azerbaijani Community of Nagorno Karabakh” , MP Rovshan Rzayev says that a number of problems are already over: "The President also highlighted his thoughts on this. As position and tasks given by him is very principal for us. He has been engaging in  problems of IDPs for a long time. In recent years, most part of IDPs’ problems have been solved. Foremost measures have been taken, as refugee camps have eliminated, however some works must be fulfilled after that. We should continue at the same pace. In his speech Ilham Aliyev stressed that  Azerbaijan's most important problem is to ensure territorial integrity. 
Member of Milli Mejlis Flora Gasimova told that through these years housing condition of  250,000 IDPs were improved: "Since the first day when the first vice-president has started her duties special attention has been paid to the provision of housing to IDPs dwelling in buildings  an emergency condition. Since then, IDPs have been provided with apartments. During these years, the work of the State Committee for Refugees and IDPs is highly appreciated. Whereas, after the appointment of Mehriban Aliyeva to the post of the first vice president, more attention was paid to these problems. We believe that IDPs will be fully provided soon with new apartments. Works are underway."
"When I was in Oguz I familiarized myself with problems of IDPs and accentuated this issue at Milli Mejlis. Today, about 3,000 internally displaced persons live in Oguz. But the President’s last speech made it clear that  living conditions of  IDPs will be improved in a short time .They always feel state care." told Gasimova.
Shabnam Mehdizadeh 




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