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Principal goal of social policy is to boost people’s well-being

Principal goal of social policy is to boost people’s well-being
According to experts, the recent decrees and orders issued by President Ilham Aliyev and steps taken in this direction are the policy sourced from the social nature of the Azerbaijani state

Social policy in Azerbaijan pursued under the leadership of President Ilham Aliyev and heightened since the beginning of the current year, is successfully being carried on. The decree signed by President Ilham Aliyev on one-time payment to heirs of martyrs, on January 28, 2019  has included  2725 more heirs of martyrs  who martyred by August, 1997 with the one-time payment and they are also granted one-time payment amounted to AZN 11 000.  Thus, the number of martyrs whose heirs have been granted one-time payments has reached 12,268. AZN  135 mln is allocated for it. In order to strengthen the social welfare of the martyr families and increase public care for them, President Ilham Aliyev signed another decree on increasing "President scholarship for the Martyr Family" on January 30.  Thanks to the decree, payments of  more than 12,000 martyrs' families have increased  since February 1, 2019.

Member of  Committee for Regional Affairs of Milli Mejlis  Azer Badamov said that a strong economic base has been formed in Azerbaijan in the past years to carry out the package of social reforms today: "This base allows us to take steps to further improve the social welfare of the low-income population. The decrees and orders signed by the head of state since earlier this year serve to boost  the social protection of our citizens," he added.
"It once again shows that Azerbaijani state has entered a new stage. In other words, steps are being taken to further improve people's welfare, and the reforms are deepening, consequently. For example, the decree signed by President Ilham Aliyev regarding problem loans has brought about solution to the issue, hence the problem concerning  more than 900,000 people found a solution once and for all. Furthermore, several decrees were signed earlier this year  on rising minimum wages, pensions and setting new payments. All these allow us to say that the policy led by President of Azerbaijan is directly aimed at improving the welfare of our citizens. The steps taken in the social sphere are not the last, and undoubtedly, we will see further decrees and orders by President Ilham Aliyev on this field." Badamov said. 

Azerbaijani MP Musa Guliyev said that recently President Ilham Aliyev assigned the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection of Population a special task  to develop new  forms of pensions and social payments in Azerbaijan: "The increase of allowances for war veterans, new payments to persons with disabilities, and other documents signed on April 15 are directed at implementing the tasks. As the economic power of Azerbaijan rises, the measures to boost  social well-being of the population will be carried out invariably." member of Milli Mejlis noted. 

According to him, this is a policy based on the social essence of the Azerbaijani state: "New allowances have been established in accordance with decree issued by the head of state. These payments  has been  calculated since  April 1.
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