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President’s warning to the officers applauded

President’s warning to the officers applauded
Fazil Mustafa: "Those who can not control themselves and who want to beat someone should be sent to the front line, to fight Armenians"

The behavior of the officers, their actions have been of public significance and have always attracted the attention of society and the media. But sometimes we have seen a number of officials overstepping their authority, we've witnessed their unethical behaviors, and the unpleasant actions of family members. Naturally, this is not welcomed by the society, and in some cases it even causes anger at those officials. When these people do not draw necessary conclusions despite being repeatedly warned by President Ilham Aliyev, they have been let go from the jobs they held.

Examples include former Minister of Labor and Social Protection Fuzuli Alakbarov. In January 2013, the son of the minister, Vugar Alakbarov, insulted the residents of Ismayilli. This led to protest, a great dissatisfaction. After a while, Fuzuli Alekperov had to say goodbye to his position.


In March 2014, Khalid Madatov, the son of former deputy chairman of Azerbaijan Caspian Shipping Company, Mubariz Madatov, had a car accident while under the influence of alcohol. The wife and grandson of the fames by folk artist, tar player Agasalim Abdullayev were killed in the accident. Two days after the incident, on March 17, Mubariz Madatov was dismissed from his job by the decree of President Ilham Aliyev.


The last event was the dismissal of the chief of the State Service for Mobilization and Conscription of the Republic of Azerbaijan, Novruzali Orujov, from the post of Deputy Chief of the Call for Military Service. Orujov's son, Rustam Orujov, shot dead a pedestrian several years ago. He was sentenced to four years in prison under by a court, but was released two years later. A few days ago, he made the news again after beating the driver of the bus No. 85. As a result, his father, Major-General N. Orujov was fired from his position.


Such steps of the head of state are welcomed by the citizens, it increases their confidence in the state, and demonstrate the rule of law in the country.


It didn't take long for Ilham Aliyev to issue another warning to the officers. In his address to the Cabinet of Ministers on the outcomes of socioeconomic development in the first half of 2017 and the forthcoming tasks, the head of state said that a state official who could not control his family members would be dismissed: "I have repeatedly expressed my opinion on the conduct of civil servants and I want to repeat again. Among the tasks I assign when appointing a government official is that the officer should be modest, serve the people, be with the people, and not to put himself above the people ".


Ilham Aliyev stated that the officer himself and his family members should not behave arrogantly: "Nevertheless, sometimes we still see that officials can not behave themselves, they make gross mistakes, and their family members act as if they have a special privilege. There is no privilege in Azerbaijan. I have stated that those who cannot control their family members would be dismissed and it was so. Those who engage in hooliganism and unlawfullness in Azerbaijan should be punished and are punished. No one is discriminated against, and my final decisions reaffirm it, and everybody will draw a conclusion. "


Chairman of the Great Establishment Party (MPP), MP Fazil Mustafa, told "Kaspi"on the subject that the president's statements about the officials are a serious message: "This expression of the will of the head of state is highly appreciated by the society. Because at least others take notice. Look how spoiled they must be to beat up of a bus driver. If you are that strong, get on the frontline, there are so many Armenians to beat! If you cannot control yourself, this is what you should do if you want to beat someone else. If you are so sure of yourself, go catch an Armenian so that we can change them with the hostages Dilgam and Shahbaz. Naturally, the president's position on such issues is supported by the society. "


F.Mustafa added that anyone who wants to be heroic in the front should be provided with the opportunity to do so: "Let's make these people go there and they can do what they want to do there. In my opinion, the spoiled children of the officers should be directed to the frontline to fight Armenians so that they can release their pent up energy there. There were battalions of punishment in the past. Now it is necessary to create such a military unit and send these people to such places where they would take out their anger not on the bus drivers, but on the Armenians. I think that the warnings will be effective. But at the same time, the demands of the law should be strengthened. "


Bakhtiyar Mammadli




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