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President: "Representatives of all religions live as one family in Azerbaijan"

"In Azerbaijan, representatives of all religions live as one family. This once again shows the thoughts sounded on today's Iftar, speeches of the leaders of traditional religions," said Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev at an Iftar ceremony hosted by Chairman of the Caucasus Muslims Office Sheikhulislam Allahshukur Pashazade on the occasion of the holy month of Ramadan.
The head of state noted that both state-religious and interreligious relations are exemplary in Azerbaijan: "I know that the Azerbaijani model connected with these issues is being studied in many parts of the world today. This is necessary for our successful development. This is a manifestation of our state policy. At the same time, this reflects the state of our society, the prevailing atmosphere in it. "
President Ilham Aliyev stressed that Azerbaijan has a very serious, thought-out state policy on interreligious issues, and this policy is supported by the Azerbaijani people: "The regulation of these relations in Azerbaijan ensures the successful development of our country. The existing national consensus in Azerbaijan, civil unity, stability are built precisely on these relations. The Azerbaijani people are committed to their national values, and the Azerbaijani state is built on national values. At the same time, Azerbaijan is already known in the world as an exemplary country in establishment of interreligious, interethnic relations. We send a very serious and positive signal from Azerbaijan to the world, at the same time the high level of these relations is very important for the successful development of our country. We have one goal, one aspiration. We want our country to become even stronger and develop even faster.”




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