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President Ilham Aliyev: “The EU countries are our main trading partners”

President Ilham Aliyev: “The EU countries are our main trading partners”
"French companies invested more than $ 2 billion in the Azerbaijani economy and take part in many important projects in Azerbaijan”, - the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev noted this in a press statement held on March 14, in Paris Following a ceremony of signing document.
President Ilham Aliyev noted that the French companies support the development of the space industry of Azerbaijan: "At the same time, projects such as urban transport, transport, infrastructure, water, drinking water, environmental projects, etc are being implemented. We are very pleased with this cooperation. At the meetings held with French companies, I once again convinced them that Azerbaijan has created a wonderful climate for foreign investment. At the same time, the economic potential of Azerbaijan is growing. Thus, even more French companies can work in Azerbaijan as contractors”.
The Head of State emphasized that there is successful cooperation in the humanitarian sphere: "And in the sphere of culture and education we have successful cooperation. I just want to emphasize that immediately after the decisions that we made with President Holland, projects began to be implemented. We see this on the example of the French-Azerbaijani University. In a short time - a few months after the decision was made, the university opened its doors to students. The university has a huge interest”.
President Ilham Aliyev noted very active cooperation in all other spheres: "The relations between the European Union and Azerbaijan have great importance. Last month, negotiations on a new partnership agreement with the European Union were launched. The countries of the European Union are our main trading partners. The vast majority of our products are exported to Europe, in addition, the European Union is the largest investor in Azerbaijan. We implement various projects, among which I want to highlight the Southern Gas Corridor. This strategic gas pipeline, built on the initiative of Azerbaijan, will contribute to the energy security of Europe. The total cost of the South Gas Corridor project is $ 40 billion, and Azerbaijan actively participates in the implementation of this project both as an investor country, both as a performer and as an initiator. I am confident that in future the French-Azerbaijani ties will become even stronger. The talks held today give grounds to talk about this. We really want the ties to reach an even higher level, and, thus, the peoples of France and Azerbaijan have become even closer together”




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