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Platform that divides Armenian society in two

Platform that divides Armenian society in two
Ter-Petrosyan’s peace call has sent shock waves across Armenia

The election platform of Levon Ter Petrosyan, former president of Armenia and leader of the "Armenian National Congress” party, continues to send shock waves across the country. The platform has divided the Armenian society in two. Some defend him, some continue to criticize him harshly. It seems the Armenian leader has spoken the truth to his people as he did in 1999. His supporters are commentating on ex-president’s opinions. For example, Levon Zurabyan, head of the "Armenian National Congress” fraction in parliament thinks "Ter-Petrosyan calls for the peaceful resolution of Nagorno-Karabakh conflict. According to Zurabyan, this move can ensure the victory of ANC in the upcoming parliamentary elections. "We have witnessed the government try to maintain status-quo until now. This has caused let to our national resources to be plundered, corruption and weakening security. We are saying something different: no matter who the government if it represents the peaceful resolution of the conflict, it should be supported.  Levon Ter-Petrosyan calls for the peaceful settlement of the conflict. It is our program. If we win the election and have the power, that’s what we will do. We are openly presenting our program to the public” – said Levon Zurabyan. Head of parliamentary fraction of ANC noted that the solution to the issue is as the hands of the current government. "Levon Ter-Petrosyan’s peace calls are do not target Serzh Sargstan, it supports the peace process. No matter who is dealing with it. If we are elected, we will do it. If any other government tries to do it, we’ll support it. Yes, our goal is to unity the public and the political forces with a view to realize this goal”. He pointed out that the most important tool during the elections is the pledge made at the campaign trail. In his opinion, ANC promised the Armenian people a promising victory. "Fore instance, many people approached me today and said very interesting things to me. Because people, our society is the political force that can solve the problems that smother Armenia. That’s why I think this is a statement that can guarantee victory in the elections” – Zurabyan added.  
We should note that, the first president of Armenia Levon Ter-Petrosyan dedicated the Saturday meeting of ANC to the settlement of Nagorno-Karabakh conflict. He pointed out that there are no resolution to the conflict other than the phased solution. Experts and observers view Petrosyan’s statement from different angles. They think even though Petrosyan is a powerful politician, he doesn’t have a decisive voice. In their opinion, unlike Sargsyan and Kocharyan, Petrosyan carefully observes the processes taking place in the region. Although there were certain diplomatic maneuvers in the latest statements of Petrosyan, ex president is doing it to win the elections.  It’s also claimed that the government is trying to see the public reaction by using Petrosyan. Some Armenians are certain that Petrosyan and Sargsyan have conducted meetings after the April clashes. They think Petrosyan and the president has agreed beforehand and that this is the view of the establishment. They are in some way preparing the Armenian society to make concessions.  
Stepan Safaryan, head of Armenian Institute on international affairs and security, thinks Petrosyan’s platform serve the interests of Azerbaijan rather than the interest of Armenia. Answering the question "Which audience was this speech intended for”, expert said this was intended for foreign audiences. It means they are trying to show Russia that Armenian government doesn’t support your option and I’m the only person to do so”.  




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