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Pashinyan's uncertain marches turned into Armenians' national problem

Pashinyan's uncertain marches turned into Armenians' national problem
According to political scientists, the ongoing Armenian Premier will not be in power and politics for a long time

Nikol Pashinyan, who has been Prime Minister as a result of  "street revolution" in Armenia,  has not introduced any concrete concept for his country's problems and foreign policy yet. As the revolution euphoria  lessens  in the country, Pashinyan's political illiteracy and uncertain position starts coming out. In recent days ,controversial  statements by him on the settlement of the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict prove that in general, Nikol Pashinyan  is unaware of the negotiation process. He just claims what street supporters say, and falls into ridicilous situation. It is not accidental that vice-speaker  of Armenian parliament, Edward Sharmazanov  called Pashinyan a "KVN” actor over his groundless statements.  Obviously, Pashinyan’s  principal purpose is to achieve victory in the parliamentary elections in order to be in power. How far Pashinyan will go with his position ?   Speaking to "Kaspi” newspaper on the issue, member of Milli Mejlis, political scientist Rasim Musabeyov told that first of all, it is up to Armenian nation how far Pashinyan can go. As well as, it depends on the great states that patronize this country. Pashinyan is gullible and populist.  That is, people out of politics can speak whatever they want. But a politician  must be able to see the boundaries of their opportunities.
According tio him, what the local community say Pashinyan repeats them: "Probably, he  attempts to win the elections. However, by keeping this approach  to sit at the negotiations table is meaningless. It is impossible to discuss that position in the negotiations on the resolution of the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict." added Musabeyov. 
  R. Musabeyov noted that Pashinyan's  views  on the so-called regime are baseless: "Anyone  has not recognized so-called Karabakh regime talking on its constitution does not matter. But according to Pashinyan, either Azerbaijan negotiates with the so-called regime, or accepts  Karabakh's unification with Armenia,  and only after that  he may participate in the negotiations  and discuss the surrounding districts. To sit at a negotiating table with a such irrational person  is beyond the bounds of possibility." he stressed.    Political scientist Tofig Abbasov says that  Pashinyan  reminds a man who  was  politically  weak and without a concrete concept: "Therefore, as  euphoria of democracy is over in the country, Pashinyan’s weakness and unprofessionalism  are seen clearly. Since the situation in Armenia is critical indeed, the prime minister could not establish relations with the "Karabakh clan".  "On the other hand, he  conducts experiments to  determine foreign investors.  While analysing the process, it seems he hardly has any concrete plans and anti-crisis views. The main problem is that Pashinyan is constantly manipulating on the Karabakh issue. Once he talks about unification Karabakh to Armenia or suggests joining so-called regime representatives the negotiations and then he declares that  he does not have the competence to participate in negotiations on the  Karabakh issue. In fact, he is a leader of Armenia.  According to the Bishkek Protocol, signed in 1994, official Yerevan  has been identified as a guarantor of Armenian minority living in Nagorno-Karabakh region." Abbasov said.   
T. Abbasov noted that the Eurasian Economic Union is an economic instituion and here Armenia was clealy explained that the territorial integrity of Azerbaijan has been recognized: "On the other hand, Armenia should give up its aggresive tendencies. As none of its partners would want Armenia to transmit defective diseases . This is a clear issue. Armenia is no longer a factor of stability but a factor of instability in the Eurasian Union, or within the CSTO. Because these are  blocks with security and economic benefits. They do not need Armenia to bring its problems and creates unpleasant condition. From this point of view, I think that Pashinyan's indefinable, meaningless marches have turned into a problem at the level of Armenian nation . Elite has remained in uncertain condition and do not know  how far the Armenians can go by these developments." he told. 
Bakhtiyar Mammadli 




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