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PACE's adoption of such tendentious documents make Azerbaijan reconsider its relations with CoE: Ali Hasanov

PACE's adoption of such tendentious documents make Azerbaijan reconsider its relations with CoE: Ali Hasanov
"I think PACE has once again demonstrated its biased and unfair stance against our country by adopting these documents that have been prepared on the basis of the subjective opinions of some anti-Azerbaijani circles," Ali Hasanov, the Azerbaijani president’s aide for public and political affairs, told APA of the documents on Azerbaijan adopted at PACE today.
"It is well known that Azerbaijan has consistently faced pressure from certain lobby groups, especially from Armenian ones, since becoming a member of the organization. These pressures intensified during the period Thorbjørn Jagland was the Secretary General. That stemmed from his negative attitude against Azerbaijan.
It is evident that Azerbaijan, which pursues an independent policy based on its national interests and has a principled position, is met with dissatisfaction from some because of its active role in PACE.
Otherwise, parliamentarians would be thinking about the future of Europe, where Islamophobia, xenophobia, racial and religious discrimination, gross violations of human rights are freedom of expression are raging, and they would be looking for ways to resolve these problems. They would also have expressed concerns about the failure to execute about 10,000 decisions of the European Court of Human Rights. If Russia has faced sanctions for the Crimea issue, why do they not raise the question of not taking action against Armenia, which has held 20% of Azerbaijani territory under occupation for 25 years?" Hasanov said.
The presidential aide said that the ongoing pressure on Azerbaijan, which is developing democratically and is preparing to sign an agreement on strategic partnership with the European Union, once again shows that PACE has become a means of pressure in the hands of certain circles and fulfills special orders.
"Of course, it is impossible to put pressure on Azerbaijan by adopting such documents. Azerbaijan is an independent, powerful state and has domestic and foreign policy priorities, and will continue to follow its path.
The acceptance of such biased documents based on subjective considerations and attempts to increase pressure make Azerbaijan reconsider its relations with the Council of Europe,” he said.
On October 11, PACE adopted Resolution No.14403 on the report on "The functioning of democratic institutions in Azerbaijan” by co-rapporteurs Stefan Schennach and Cezar Florin Preda and Resolution No.14397 on the report "Azerbaijan’s Chairmanship of the Council of Europe: What follow-up on respect for human rights?” by Belgian MP Alain Destexhe. 




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