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PACE co-rapporteurs’ Azerbaijan visit may be postponed

PACE co-rapporteurs’ Azerbaijan visit may be postponed
The visit of the co-rapporteurs of the PACE Monitoring Committee, Stefan Schennach (Austria) and Cezar Florin Preda (Romania), to Azerbaijan may be postponed.

There is no date yet for a rapporteurs visit, the PACE told APA.
"Normally we do not organize monitoring visits shortly before elections, especially as the rapporteurs are ex-officio part of the election observation delegation,” the PACE said.
Soon the co-rapporteurs for Azerbaijan will be back for fact finding visit and talks in Baku, PACE Monitoring Committee co-rapporteur, Stefan Schennach, tweeted on Feb. 5.
According to the internal rules of the PACE, the Bureau of the Assembly may decide to observe the presidential election after having received the invitation of the authorities.




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