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NGO chairmen call on citizens to support the steps to maintain stability

NGO chairmen call on citizens to support the steps to maintain stability
According to them, those who make provocative calls on social networks should be harshly punished

 "Political migrants" under the control of the radical opposition camp and foreign emissaries are trying to break the stability in Azerbaijan at every moment. These antinational forces are trying to stir up civil disobedience by creating a chaos around the recent criminal case in Ganja. However, the law enforcement agencies continue to investigate this criminal case and the public is regularly informed. Nevertheless, there are attempts to destabilize the country through making various anticonstitutional challenges.   Head of the Azerbaijan Institute for Democracy and Human Rights, Ahmed Shahidov said that there is some concern in the society regarding the recent incidents in Ganja: "But those who call themselves" political migrants " and are  under the influence of radical opposition and foreign centers in  abroad try to take advantage of teh situation.  They try to describe the crime scene from  different diretion.  While analysing  deeply, we see that the radical religious circles against Azerbaijan also act samely.  In this way, they promote chaos and civil disobedience in the country. Of course, this is unacceptable. These forces have always abuses this kind of events, but their  attempts have failed. Choosing of Ganja as the target is not accidental. Because Ganja is the second largest city in Azerbaijan. Let me note that freedom of belief is guaranteed not only in Ganja but also in all regions of the country."added Ahmed Shahidov.  
  "In recent days, the goal of the recent incidents in Azerbajian is to create chaos in Azerbaijan and  promote civil disobedience and to push our country to unpleasant events, using religious motives. Armenian-oriented forces in Europe and antinational elements try to benefit from it."
A. Shahidov stressed that the majority of persons  triggering provocation with fake  names in social networks are those who live in Europe and are under the influence of anti-Azerbaijani forces: "They were trying to provoke such provocations during the recent events. Thus, power cut and Ganja events gave them a chance to open a war on Azerbaijan. But our state is taking quite tough and serious steps. People who love their homeland, their state, especially young people, express their views on social networks. They clearly state that there is no place for terror in Azerbaijan and the forces that want to drag our country into terrorism will not be given a chance. I think those who make provocative calls should be punished. They should know that Azerbaijan is a legitimate state, and unlawful steps can not be taken." told Shahidov. 
"As a civil society, we also call on citizens to support the steps to maintaining stability in Azerbaijan. Azerbaijan is a tolerant, multicultural country, where any violence is intolerable."
  Member of the Council leadership, Head of the "Healthy Development and Education" Public Union Anar Khalilov said that a crime was committed in Ganja: "The essence of the crime is fully being investigated by law enforcement agencies. However, some forces try to undermine stability in the country. People who are unaware of the essence of events try to get feedback for  opinion on social networks. I think that anti-Azerbaijani forces have a role in this issue. It must be noted with regret that those who call themselves "political migrants" in the hands of these forces against our country are more active." told Anar Khalilov.    "They try to use such issues and create a "hero" image of the perpetrator. At the same time, radical opposition representatives are also making false allegations about the incident, presenting the guilty as a personal hero and so on. Such steps are a part of the anti-Azerbaijani forces' plan against Azerbaijan. The Azerbaijani people do not follow such provocations and trust the president."    Khalilov noted that today stability in Azerbaijan is disturbing the centers and antinational forces: "In this regard, they try to create a new kind of  chaos in any event in the country. These steps will not have any outcomes. Again, the rule of law, justice will find its place. Such people are exposed. I think , those who make provocative speeches about the events in Ganja and those who lied to the society will be exposed. Law enforcement agencies will expose the real nature of the criminal case and the guilty will be punished. The provocation and chaos in Azerbaijan will always be disrupted as usual. The Azerbaijani people do not care about the provocative calls made on social networks. On the contrary, such challenges create disgust in the country's citizens. Because the society understands that a crime has been committed here. Regardless of their significance, it is unacceptable to appease the criminal case, to create any "hero" from the offender. In my opinion, the provocateurs against the laws of the country  have to be brought to justice with the relevant articles of the Criminal Code and should be punished most harshly." told Khalilov.    Bakhtiyar          




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