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Next stage of decline of Armenian statehood

Next stage of decline of Armenian statehood
According to political analysts, Armenian Premier will lose control over the country, if the ongoing situation continues

Political situation in Armenia has aggravated and Pashinyan, in fact, has been opposed former government officials and Karabakh separatists. Release of Robert Kocharian on May 18, by the  court after the appeals of the current and former so-called "presidents" of Nagorno-Karabakh triggered the tension to rise further. Kocharian  supporters celebrated his release  on  the streets. On the other hand, another group of citizens who protested against the court  flew on  the streets and demanded rearrest of Kocharian. Objectors  threatened that if the Prosecutor General's Office did not protest the court decision , and Kocharian would not be rearrested, a nationwide protest campaign would be started. After that, N.Pashinyan announced the launch of the "second stage" of the revolution in Armenia. He urged his supporters to block off  all court buildings, that is they would make revolutionary decisions in the judicial system. Pashinyan’ step, no doubt,  will lead to unrest throughout the country.

If so, will the Armenian Premier be able to keep the control over the country? 

In his statement to "Kaspi” newspaper Director of the Center for Political Innovations and Technologies, political scientist Mubariz Ahmadoghlu said that Pashinyan will likely to lose control over the country if the current situation goes on: "Firstly,  the present processes in Armenia is not a new development at all. That is to say, the actions in Yerevan are the manifestation of the situation emerged by the occupation of the Azerbaijani lands. Serzh Sargsyan had not regulated the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict.  Then, Nikol Pashinyan came to power and he also could not solve the problem. As President Ilham Aliyev said  what happens in Armenia is the result of the work done by Azerbaijan.  As long as the occupation continues, Azerbaijan will continue this policy. Therefore, the present developments in  Armenia should be considered as a next step towards decline of the statehood and deterioration of the Armenian society," Ahmadoghlu added.

Professor at the Western Kaspi University, political scientist Fikret Sadikhov said that forces in Armenia have already been formed against Pashinyan: "Protestors against his policy increase day by day. Interestingly, representatives of the law enforcement bodies are also included in the list of forces against Pashinyan. They confidently resist Pashinyan and his supporters. Former President Robert Kocharian's release clearly indicates what we have said. Some law enforcement officials have proved that they would not fully comply with Pashinyan," said Fikrat Sadikhov.

According to him, another fact is that majority have already realized that  Pashinyan takes  revenge on Kocharian: "They did not arrest Kocharian because he destroyed the country, or failed to resolve the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict and ethnic cleansing against Azerbaijan. They arrested him as  Pashinyan takes revenge on him. The reason standing behind the revenge is that in March 2008, Pashinyan was on the streets and 10 protesters were killed as a result of armed intervention. In my view, Pashinyan’s revenge will lead to more protests. However, I do not believe that Pashinyan will lose control over  the country in the near future. But it is certain that the present developments in Armenia can be considered the beginning of those processes," he stressed. 





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