Negative effects of consanguineous marriages

Negative effects of consanguineous marriages

17 October 2017, 17:56 2348
In recent years, visual impairment increases as a result of consanguineous marriages. Today, in Azerbaijan 40,000 people are  blind, or visually impaired and 8, 000 of them are children,  APA reports that chairman of Azerbaijan Blind and Visually Impaired Society Semyar Abdullayev told . 

According to him, this indicator is low compared to many countries, however some measures should be taken in this direction. One of  main reasons for visual impairment is consanguineous marriage.  These marriages are resulted in disability in 90-95% of cases. As a consequnece of it, visual impairment  in Azerbaijan has been increasing year by year.   In recent years, disruption of ecological balance in world countries, environment pollution, people’s lifestyle  affect the nervous system and results in vision problems. In general, more than 500 million people worldwide suffer from visual disabilities. 

We  tried to find out the reasons for visual disability and its treatment.

Ophthalmologist Gunay Aliyeva says that its a global problem of the world: " I do not have any statistics due to it. However, in  my experience I can say that there are many people with this problem and  the age of this disease gets younger than previous years. Vision loss and disorders depending on its degrees are visual disabilities. Currently the most commonly seen eye disease is the vision disability that  emerged as a result of diabetic retinopathy. Patients with diabetes who do not undergo eye examination by ophthalmologist from time to time,in general uncontrolled and left untreated blood sugar can lead to stroke, heart disease, nerve damage, and blindness," she added. 
Gunay Aliyeva stressed that  the role of consanguineous marriage in the vision disability  is substantial: "Congenital glaucoma, aniridia, congenital strabismus congenital cataract, retinitis pigementosa and other hereditary retinal disorders, ocular or oculocutaneos albinism, oongenital birth defects like Uveal Coloboma and etc eye diseases may be observed in children born from consanguineous marriages.  There are various chromosomal disorders that pass genetically and theye have an impact on eye as well. To prevent these diseases people should be educated." 

Talking on this theme ophthalmologist Gemer Aliyeva told that there might be various reasons for vision disability: "This is big problem. It may be emerged after trauma or illness or can be just congenital. Consanguineous marriage is one of those reasons standing behind this disease. While, the diseases in Azerbaijan obsereved  as a result of consanguineous marriage are much higher than in other countries." stressed Gemer Aliyeva. 
"In accordance with the statistics, the mentioned diseases are mainly  met in  cousin marriages from mother’s  side. Moreover, consanguineous marriages prevail in the regions. Therefore, these kind of diseases are more common in the regions." told Aliyeva. 

Gunel Azada