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Nazim Ibrahimov: Smear campaign against Azerbaijan supported by Armenian lobby

Nazim Ibrahimov: Smear campaign against Azerbaijan supported by Armenian lobby
There are serious facts proving that a smear campaign recently launched against Azerbaijan is supported by the Armenian lobby, said Nazim Ibrahimov, Chairman of the State Committee for Work with Diaspora.
Speaking to an APA correspondent within the framework of the session of the Congress of European Azerbaijanis in Kiev, Ibrahimov noted that the rapid development and independent domestic and foreign policies of Azerbaijan which is a legal, democratic state began to seriously disturb certain forces. 
According to him, a united center-driven network has been formed against Azerbaijan in Europe and some other countries. "They serve as an impetus to information warfare against Azerbaijan. They structures are backed by the Armenian lobby,” he said.
He stressed that these forces are trying to discredit the reputation of Azerbaijan, using all methods. 
"This is a struggle directed against the Azerbaijani state. They intend to damage Azerbaijan, which President Ilham Aliyev strengthened. At one time, the national leader Heydar Aliyev saved Azerbaijan from the split and created a single state. Today, President Ilham Aliyev continues this policy, which irritates these forces. They are looking for gaps. As there was a gap in some regional countries and they took advantage of it. As a result, these countries suffered heavy losses, we witnessed this,” he added.   
According to him, there are also material interests behind the publication of articles by pro-Armenian authors in order to ensure the dissemination of unilateral and biased information about Azerbaijan. "In this regard, the slander against the Azerbaijani state on the part of the Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project and the Guardian Newspaper is nothing but blackmail. It should be noted that, undoubtedly, publications that spread such a lie for the sake of material gain, are capable of doing the same in relation to their own countries,” said Ibrahimov.
The committee chairman underlined that the implementation of a number of global projects by Azerbaijan is of concern to some circles.
Ibrahimov urged world Azerbaijanis to be even more active in this issue and unite more strongly in the name of Azerbaijani statehood.  




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