Names of construction companies citizens mostly complained  announced

Names of construction companies citizens mostly complained announced

12 February 2016, 11:58 943
Reporting article 'Azerbaijani President considers constant care and attention toward appeals of the citizens as a priority' by Chief of the Department for Work with Documents and Appeals of Citizens of the Presidential Administration of the Republic of Azerbaijan Suleyman Ismayilov says that the complaints are about dissatisfactions with activities of some construction companies, employees that can’t receive their salaries from liquidated offices and enterprises, some companies and swindlers that deceived citizens and seized their funds, some cooperative housing societies that failed to ensure safety at the construction site and complete the construction of buildings till the date specified in the contract, resettlement of residents in the houses not commissioned by the State Commission, and the impossibility of obtaining the purchased apartments. 
There were more collective complaints in this regard. Criminal cases were launched on some companies, their heads were arrested, but shortcomings have not been fully eliminated yet.
Citizens expressed dissatisfaction mostly with the activities of Housing Associations, LLC and companies like "Yeni Yasamal”, "Badu-Kube”, "Sharur”, "Azizbey-KM”, "Khamsa”, "Birlik”, "AAF-Inshaat”, "İN Eksklüziv Servis”, "Safari-N”, "ANT-E”, "Mega Siti Holding”, "Ulduz-S”, "İlin dord fesli”, "Fuad”, "Feba”, "Barakat-Inshaat”, "Araz T.İ.”, "Derechichek”, "Turaj AF”, "Olimp”, "Zirve”, "Olimpus-Az”, "Javad”, "Bulag-2”, "Rahatligin Mekani”, "İ.N.V.”, "Folklor”, "Rahat”, "RT LTD”, "Azer ATF”, "Avangard”. Law enforcement agencies are investigating shortcomings in the activities of "Hasan-96”, "Azer-Ross IK”, "Sahil-D”, "Shaig”, "Alesgəroghlu-K”, "Shahbulag”, "Afsharan”, "Oskar”, "Shafaq”, "Kosmos”, "Elita-R”, "Vedi-E”, "Kamran-B.A.”, "Gafgaz MTZ”, "Real”, "Sahil”, "RUH”, "196 sayli”, "200 sayli”, "Ayla”, "Hasil”, "Daghlar”, "RRR” Housing Associations, "Oskar-Grup”, "Muray”, "Repair House” LLCs, "Gunesh Holding” and other companies.
Some of the companies misappropriated money of residents under the guise of installation of meters.
One of the main problems is the exploitation of multifamily residential buildings without permission. Thus, though the permission to exploitation of fully-constructed facilities must be given by local authorities in accordance with the requirements of the Urban Planning and Construction Code and decisions dated 12 September 2014 of the Cabinet of Ministers, this rule is not observed properly.