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Azerbaijan managed to restore relations with the West
10-06-2016 14:36
Asim Mollazade: “Through proper foreign policy and diplomatic steps official Baku has managed to overcome an information
"“Resolution of the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict will not be delayed as before”"
18-05-2016 15:35
Zahid Oruj: "“Neither Serzh Sargsyan, nor the statements he makes has any value”"
High-tech medical project in int'l competition
28-04-2016 15:09
Leyla Taghizadeh: Distant medical services help to save time and money
New stage starts in Nagorno-Karabakh conflict's settlement
21-04-2016 16:31
Elman Nesirov: Azerbaijan is the dominant side in the new stage
"“Armenians witnessed the strength of Azerbaijani Army”"
05-04-2016 15:10
Elman Mammadov: “"All provocation attempts by Armenia will be deflected from now on too and we will deal more severe blo
We have to strive to be a global university
01-03-2016 16:57
Mustafa Babanli: “We need to think about diverse development of industry by using the brand of oil”
Improvement of relations with Iran is desirable
25-02-2016 18:11
Gabil Huseynli: “I consider Azerbaijani president’'s visit to Iran to be of great political and economic importance for
"In any case, oil prices will rise"
11-02-2016 18:00
Ilham Shaban doesn't think OPEC is able to play an important role in shaping oil prices
You are going back home, Javid...
02-02-2016 17:39
Those who brought back the remains of the prominent poet from Siberia to Azerbaijan still remember those days
"Number of industrial neigborhoods is going to increase"
27-01-2016 15:01
Tahir Mirkishili: "Growth of industry necessary for the development of economy as a whole"
Azerbaijani model of multiculturalism is different
19-01-2016 14:35
Neriman Gasimoglu: "Performing prayer in the name of brotherhood, tolerance and unity is another clear manifestation of
"Here, people respect one another"
16-12-2015 16:28
Professor Margaret Reed Mukherjee wishes that the family relations in the USA was the as same as Azerbaijan
"Making election pledges and not delivering them is a thing of the past"
16-12-2015 15:37
Elshad Hasanov: " As a lawyer, I'm sure I will contribute to the improvement of legislation too"
Azerbaijani who started a nanotechnology company in the Netherlands
14-12-2015 17:04
My former supervisor became my current partner


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