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"Multiculturalism in media" published for first time in 100 years

On the eve of the 142th anniversary of the National Press of Azerbaijan, research journalist Niyaz Niftiyev’s book titled "Multiculturalism in media” was published.

The book consists of "Introduction", "Author", " Multiculturalism in Azerbaijani media  history ", " Multiculturalism in modern Azerbaijani media ", " Multiculturalism in media: media of people living in Azerbaijan ", "International documents and some selections from the world experience ", "Conclusion", and "Summary" written in 5 languages (Russian, English, Turkish, German, French).
The book's main purpose is to investigate the multicultural history of media from the geographical position, to inform readers about the features of each publication, to provide comprehensive information.
Political culture, moral and political values regulating mutual relations of the people in media, behavior rules, set of attitudes to customs and traditions are comprehensively covered in the book. It is noted that regardless of origin, nationality, religion and language the Law guarantees equal rights and freedoms of everyone, create opportunities for small nations and national minorities in all spheres of activity.
Notes associated with media resources functioning  in Azerbaijan, Tallish, Lezgi, Kurd, Georgian, Armenian, German, Pole, Jew, Tat, Udi languages along with English, Russian and French languages  have a look at the traditions of multiculturalism. It is noted that there is no any problem in establishing media outlets of multiculturalism   and access to all types of media in the country significantly simplified. Media relations of multicultural subjects, broadcasting capabilities of all types of information are identified not only in laws and decisions, as well in national programs.
 Although the high level investigation of media history of Azerbaijan till modern time is noted in the book, but the truth about national minorities and ethnic groups connected with mass media is not told. The relevance of the theme has not been taken into account and the history, the themes of newspapers published both in the capital and regions, where multicultural subjects densely populated are out of focus. Multiculturalism in Azerbaijan media history- publications of national minorities were studied as the composition of XIX-XX centuries media with some exceptions. Despite a brief excursion into the history of this publication in Azerbaijan media the samples are given from international documents regulating this area, some selections from world experience are presented. All kind of materials (for the period from 2008 till the beginning of 2017, up to 50 newspapers, websites and magazines) published in all types of media about national minorities  are monitored  in this book. During the monitoring it is investigated of which newspaper, website or magazine have addressed to this theme. Azerbaijani, Russian and English- languages media are involved to the monitoring.
The other areas are connected with information on electronic media. The book notes each type  of information, that is  broadcasted objectively  and expands cooperation among  national minorities  living in our country, serves  to a friendly coexistence, meets the  national interests, the importance  and responsibilities of right perceiving the role and significance  of  the theme.
The book has become an integral part of our lives, electronic media informing each member of the community about the events detailed and comprehensive has a great importance in shaping public opinion.
The book's "Conclusion" section consists of summarized proposals. It is noted that entities dealing with the country's multicultural policies should continually monitor media, determine the interest of media in the multicultural environment according to the months and the years.
A book   is a new gift from the author to you to open a bright page from media history to future.




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