“Multicultural Azerbaijan”  website to be launched

“Multicultural Azerbaijan” website to be launched

27 June 2019, 17:47 797
"Perfection” Legal Enlightenment of Citizens Public Union has launched a project "Promoting cultural diversity through effective use of information technologies and creating Multicultural Azerbaijan ( website" with financial support of Ministry of Culture and Tourism of the Republic of Azerbaijan. Azadinform was told by the Public Union that within the framework of the project "Multicultural Azerbaijan" ( website that expected to run in Azerbaijani, Russian and English languages will be created.
Multicultural Azerbaijan "( internet resource will operate in the following directions to promote cultural diversity:

- To provide continuous information on local and global events on promotion of cultural diversity;
-  Events held within framework of Forum on Intercultural Dialogue, Baku International Humanitarian Forum and "Baku Process" will be discussed;
-Works done by the state on protection of languages, cultures of different cultural groups will be publicized;
- will run to develop joint life and activity in Azerbaijani multinational family;
-Cultures of national minorities will be promoted throughout the project period and beyond;

At the same time, the cultural policy pursued in Azerbaijan for the sake of coexistence will be propagated through the modern information technologies (websites). Thus, respect for the cultural values of other peoples will be instilled, the state work done after independence in this field will be looked into and the role of the Ministry of Culture in promoting cultural diversity will be brought to public attention.
The project will also study opportunities given to national minorities to use information technologies. Multicultural traditions will be explored and posted here. Moreover, statistics of written and electronic media resources created by national minorities during the years of independence will be made up and roles of cultural diversity will be studied.

Furthermore, monitoring of cultural centers and societies representing minorities will also be conducted. State support for cultural groups in this field during the years of independence will be analyzed and results will be made public via

It should be noted that presentation of "Multicultural Azerbaijan” ( website will be held at the end of September. Representatives of national minorities, civil society institutions and journalists will attend the ceremony.