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Mubariz Gurbanli: Armenians hate not only Jews, but other peoples as well

Mubariz Gurbanli: Armenians hate not only Jews, but other peoples as well
The brutality which the Armenians showed towards the Jews living in the Guba-Khachmaz region of Azerbaijan is telling of their attitude towards these people, Mubariz Gurbanli, Chairman of State Committee for Work with Religious Organizations, said while commenting on the article on anti-Semitism of Armenians, published in the Israeli newspaper The Jerusalem Post, Trend reports.
He stressed that Armenia is a mono-ethnic state.
"Armenians are ardent nationalists. There were no Jews in Armenia during the Soviet times, as there are not any today - and even if there are, then only very few of them. This is the essence of the Armenians; they hate not only the Jews, but other peoples as well," Gurbanli said.
It was noted in the article by journalist Jesse Bogner that there has been a recent increase in anti-Semitism among Christians. As an example, she cited an anti-Semitic attack carried out in Jerusalem by 60 Armenian Church students, on the eve of the Shavuot holiday, which "brings to light the centuries-old trend of Christians targeting Jews, and in this case the ongoing antisemitism in Armenia,” according to the author.
The author added that there is "abundant evidence” of the presence of systemic anti-Semitism in Armenian society.



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