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MPs offer to toughen penalties for cutting trees

MPs offer to toughen penalties for cutting trees
Azerbaijani MP Huseynbala Miralamov offered to toughen penalties for cutting trees at the meeting of Parliament`s Committee for Agrarian Policy, Report informs.
He noted that the greenery should be preserved and those cutting trees should severely be punished: "Cutting of trees is a big trouble. No one is forgiven for killing a butterfly in Europe and other countries, they are punished in the most severe way. Preservation of greenery is a global and significant issue. Amendments should be made in the legislation in the future and penalties should be toughened. Those who cut even a branch should also be punished severely."
MP Javanshir Pashazade supported his colleague. According to him, toughening the penalties may prevent cutting of trees and awareness must be raised among people.
Committee chairman Eldar Ibrahimov said that the penalties for cutting down a tree are regulated by the Code of Administrative Offences: "He offered to annex an article to the Criminal Code in this regard. Those, who have never planted a tree, cut seven trees. Health is where greenery is."




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