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Milli Majlis amends article in Criminal Code on financing terrorism

Milli Majlis amends article in Criminal Code on financing terrorism
A draft law boosting fight against terrorism financing has been submitted for discussion at today's plenary session of Milli Majlis.
According to Report, an amendment has been introduced to article 214.1 (Terrorism Financing) of the Criminal Code.
Now, in line with the article, intentional collection or transfer, directly and indirectly, of all or part of money or other property, regardless of the source of its receipt, in a knowledge that they will be used to finance the preparation, organization or perpetration by a person or a group of persons (gang, organization) of the acts provided for in Articles 102 (Attack on persons or institutions that enjoy international protection), 214 (Terrorism), 214.2 (Public calls for terrorism), 214.3 (Conducting exercises for the purpose of terrorism), 215 (Hijacking an air or water vessel or a railway train), 219.1 (Maritime banditry), 226 (Illegal handling of radioactive materials), 227 (Plunder or extortion of radioactive materials), 277 (Infringement on the life of a state or public figure), 278 (Violent upheaval or violent retention of power), 279 (Creation of non-statutory armed units or groups), 280 (Armed insurrection), 282 (Sabotage) and 283.1 (Creation of a stable group with the aim of participating in armed conflicts outside Azerbaijan Republic) of this Code, or ensuring any person for the purpose of committing these crimes or creation of a group (gang organization) for these purposes shall be subject to imprisonment from ten to fourteen years.
Paragraphs 219.2 (Acts constituting a threat to security of offshore stationary platforms) and 270.1 (Acts constituting a threat to aviation security) are add to the article.
The draft was prepared to ensure criminal responsibility for the actions posing a threat to security of offshore stationary platforms, aviation security, as well as constituting the plunder of radioactive materials and threat of murder with the use of these materials, infliction of serious harm to health or significant damage to public.
The draft was put up for voting and approved. 



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